Spine Stretching Exercises to Increase Height After 20

Studies that evaluated the biochemical effect of stretching exercises showed that muscle length does increase during stretch application due to the viscoelastic properties of muscle.

Three muscle stretching techniques are frequently described in the literature: Static, Dynamic, and Pre-Contraction stretches.

The traditional and most common type is static stretching, where a specific position is held with the muscle on tension to a point of a stretching sensation for a specified time and then repeated.

But no increase in muscle elongation occurs after 2 to 4 repetitions.

so, when it comes to spine stretching exercises to grow taller after 20, we will focus our attention on the static stretches.

Static stretching generally focuses on increasing the length of a musculotendinous unit, in essence increasing the distance between a muscle’s origin and insertion.

Muscle length gains are greatest immediately after stretching.

However, this length increase is transient, its magnitude and duration being dependent upon the duration and type of stretching applied and decline within 15 minutes thus you need to tone the muscles immediately after stretching.

Because muscle comprises deformable material, its length measurement at a given moment in time is always dependent upon the amount of tensile force (force that pulls the specimen in the direction of elongation) applied.

Also to note is the fact that when you stretch your back bone out to increase height, the bigger or more the muscle groups involved while performing a particular exercise the more effective the stretching exercises for back is.

This is the reason there are many spine stretching exercises for height that can help you grow taller after puberty but choosing those you can hold on to for 10 to 20 seconds will make such exercises very efficient.

Also to note is when stretching is applied to a muscle and the muscle is held in the stretched position for a period of time, as is the case with normal static stretching techniques,the muscle’s resistance to stretch gradually declines.

How to lengthen the back -Static stretching Exercises to Grow Taller After 20 


1. Hanging

Of course you will need a  Stand Alone Pull up Bar >>stretching exerises   to perform this exercise.

Hanging from a bar allows the gravitational force to stretch your spine or back bone towards the earth as well as stretching your back muscles asHow to Lengthen the Back bone. you hang freely. This effect generally decompresses the spinal column and helps undo the effects of poor posture like poor sitting posture for long hours thus improving your over all well being.

The reason it is effective is almost all the muscle groups for upper body right from the back of the shoulders are involved.

Hang to the count of twenty or 15 to 20 seconds.

In the beginning, you may struggle to make 20 seconds but with time it will be much easier and you will be able to hang on to even 30 seconds or even longer which will lengthen your back bone.

Repeat the exercise 1-3 times. do ie t at least once every day if possible.


2. Dry Swimming

Just a Yoga mat >> or any other mat may be enough to perform this exercise especially if you are on a slippery surface.

This is one of the most effective upper body stretching exercises since it directly targets all the muscles of the upper body, the hip muscles inclusive.

With other exercises you will stop experiencing strain sooner but with this one you will continue feeling sore because of the way it efficient stretching exercises for the torsodirectly targets all the muscles. It’s also very effective when it comes to stretching lower back to relieve back pain.

Lie facing the ground with legs straight and arms straight on ground and be in a straight line.

Raise your left hand diagonally from the body then your right leg and hold position for 5 to 10 seconds. Relax for a couple of second and switch to the left leg and right hand. Do 1-3 repetitions then stand up and relax the back bone by performing the cat stretch.


3. Cat Stretch

This exercise if effective in many ways but the reason i like it is the way it targets the cartilage in the back bone, flexing it every time you perform it.

I particularly use it to relax my back bone immediately after performing the cobra as well as dry swimming exercise thus helping How to lengthen spineme to stretch the back bone even further. Also very effective when stretching lower back muscles.

Get on your hands and knees with your arms locked out.

Inhale as you flex your spine down and bring your head up. Exhale as you bring your spine up into an arched position while bringing your head down.

4. Cobra  Stretch

This yoga exercise targets mainly the muscles in the middle of the back. It is very effective because it goes beyond targeting the muscles in the back, targeting the cartilage in the spinal cord as well as the abdominal muscles.Increase Height In torso

With this exercise you will feel a lot of pain and resistance initially but you get used, you will keep feeling lesser resistance with this exercise before any other exercise.


Starting Position: Lie on your stomach on an exercise mat or floor with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders and fingers facing forward.

Legs should be straight and toes pointed.

Upward Phase: Gently exhale. Engage your abdominal/core muscles to support the spine. Press your hips into the mat or floor Lengthen the torso and curl your chest away from the ground while keeping your hips stable. Keep the shoulders rolling down and back.

Hold this position for 15 – 30 seconds.

Downward Phase: Gently lower your upper body back to the mat or floor, lengthening the spine as you descend. If you experience any pain in the low back with this movement, stop the exercise immediately and consult with your doctor.
As the length of arms differ, individuals may often lift their hips off the mat or floor as they fully extend their arms. In this case, limit the extension in your arms to keep the hips on the mat.

  • Teenager16

    Can i grow a few inches? Im 16 now and have been training with weights for one and a half year. Now, Im only 5ft 5 and this height has remained since i started weight lifting. I trained with proper nutrients and technique. Seriously, can these exercises help me to grow a bit more?

    • First, you started weights at such an early age. If you are still in puberty, weights do stunt your body. Read about height increase during puberty in the side bar for more information.

      • Teenager16

        So do you mean i wont grow any taller?

        • Nope, all i mean is weights have an adverse effect if you are still in puberty.

          • Teenager16

            1.What can i do now if i want to be stronger and taller as I’m also a basketball player?
            2.Can i still use light weights or do bodyweight exercises to make me stronger?

          • Just eat lots of protein. Proteins will help build your body and muscle at same time. Multiply your body weight by 0.8 to know how much proteins you need in grams. I use not more than 5kgs in each hand but i’m strong.

  • Shivam Singh Rajput

    i liked this page a lot. have a few questions. along with these exercises if i do exercises like toe touching , side stretch and double forward bend will it help ?? my heiht is 5.8 and my age is 20.

    • You can perform any exercise you feel like but it’s best to focus on two or three to stay focused.

      • Shivam Singh Rajput

        okay !!

        • Jessie

          I bought your ebook and I’m following your routine for like a month and
          now I’m 1.5cm can it be considered as good result for month?

          Thank you in advance for your information

          • That’s enough achievement to keep you going. Some fail to add even a millimeter.

  • Justin

    HA! If you stuff your body with fruits and veggies (organic) every day with lots of quality spring water and get exercise you will grow a lot more!

  • Bryce

    So correct me if I’m wrong but ll tees are stretches? And it says that after stretching it helps to strengthen or (workout) the muscle groups stretched. So what muscles would that include and do you have any exercises you would recommend?

    • Your question isn’t clear, use the contract link above to rephrase it.

  • Shanaya

    Hey can i grow atleast 5-6 inches with these exercises i am completing 18 soon

  • Raman Sharma

    20 yr old male,5’8″
    I did some stretches for 20 days, I gained TEMPORARY height of 1 inch.I loose it during the day .Should i continue stretching?Will it give any results?

    • If you took measurements in the morning,then your 1 inch gain was deceptive

  • zhou lee

    I am 23 years old, after following your program I gain 1inch within 6months but I didn’t gain anymore even though I am continuing the same exercises as I did.can’t I gain more than that? Or do I have to change my exercises?I need your help, Please suggest me what to do. Waiting for your reply
    .Thank you

  • Ace

    I recently turned 18 and I am 5’8, my legs look bigger and have more mass than the rest of my body especially my arms, my leg to height ratio is 58-59%. I have a few friends who are only an inch or two taller yet when sitting straight the difference is more significant and if I were to reach 6’0 through torso growth alone my leg to height ratio would still be around 55%.

    So far Ive never had a major growth spurt like most people as my growth has mostly been gradual and on my legs
    My torso clearly needs to grow over the next few years but do you know any exercises or methods to promote torso growth/height permanently through pubertal growth?

  • Chance Brown

    At 5’9 and 32 what’s the likelihood of the spine and shin stretches allowing me to grow 4-6 inches permanently. And what would be a more realistic height potential? My dad was 5’11”.

  • Adrian Tan-Fahed

    When is the best time of the day to do these exercises?

  • Ricky

    Hey Mr.Raney, 2 months into the program and it’s just an inch. I need 21/2 inches will i make it ?.

  • prithvi pheonix

    I’m 20 years old boy I’m 5’8
    I wana be 5’10 and above
    My upper body is short compared to my lower body
    Is there any thing that I can do to gain height and my upper body height

  • pooja

    I hv entered into the age of ht is 152cm.i want it 157cm atleast.i hv started with exercises like hanging,cobra stretch. my diet is simple n this enough? Wat else would u recommend?
    How much time will it take for t desired ht?

  • Mack

    I’m thirteen and 5’3. I’m trying to be at least 5’11-6’0 tall. My legs are way longer than my torso because that’s common. My dad is 5’7 and my mom is 5’3, can you tell me my height expectancy and is there anything else I could do including these activities? I’m also athletic I play basketball and football.

    Much appreciated

  • jarvis khan

    hey my gf is of 18 and her height is 5.1 inch and her bones are fused in wrist so she can increase height by proper diet and exercise,?

  • Winstin Joseph

    Hey Mr Rainey I have a question for you. I’m 22 years old 5’9″ I play football. What’s the chances of me 6’0″ performing these excercises with my football workouts ?

    • Quite tricky I’ve to say. It won’t be easy especially since you have to workout every day. The body needs recovery to grow.

  • Cole Phelps

    Can I grow a couple more inches when I’m 17 and a half and 5’2″? my dad’s not that much taller than me, one or two inches at least. Are there any stretches that can help out?

  • Prizma Pariyar

    Hello how are you??
    Am from nepal(21 yrs old)(height 5 ft) & now m outside my country so now i feel so much insecure about my can u suggest me some medicine or exercise which will make me tall ??

  • Sam

    Hi this is Sam now I m 25 my height is 5.6 I want to increase 3-4 inches can I thanks

  • Ahmad atta

    Hi. My age is 18 and my height is 5’5.. Can I increase my height by using these exercises and which diet should i take?

    • Ahmad atta

      Will anyone please answer me

      • Vafa99

        I am not qualified much to answer you but all I can tell you is that these exercises are not restricted to those undergoing puberty and can definitely increase your height if consistent attention is given to them

  • Angela Anekwe

    Hi . My name is Angela and am 5’1 . Am 18 is it possible for me to increase to 5’5 with this exercises?.

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    i’m 18 years old and my height is about 5’5. can i increase my height????if it is possible from which exercise should i start????

  • Sylis

    I am 19, and 5.4. When i do the super stretch while standing, the temprature of my lower body gets warmer then the rest of my body, but it gets back to normal as soon as i go back to normal position, this doesn’t happen when i do other stretches. Can someone tell me the rise of temprature is normal or not ?!

  • Mihnea Cimpuieru

    Hi! Considering my spine grows by doing these exercises, will my arms not be too short compared to my torso?

  • Mihnea Cimpuieru

    Hi! Assuming that my spine grows a little, will my arms not be too short compared to my new longest torso?

  • Ahmad

    Hey Mr Rainey,I’m 18yrs old..and i havent grown an inch since i was 14,im 5’7 and i want to add atleast 3inches in height,is it possible if i follow your program?

  • Sarah Rose

    Hi, I am a 16 year old female who’s only 5 feet tall. I would really love to be 5’6″ or 5’7″. I have been really sad lately thinking that 5 feet will be my permanent height. I don’t know what to do to increase it. I don’t have a hanging bar at home. I know torso is easier to increase, and I am doing the stretching exercises, but what else can I do to extend my legs? I can’t afford a stationary bike at the moment, and I can’t afford to go to the gym either. I have a tall dresser in my room, would it help if I sat at the corner of the dresser, and pretended like I’m cycling? Would that help if I reach as far as I can with my legs, and pretend that I’m cycling. Please help me because I am getting depressed. I want to be 6 inches taller 🙁

  • Aaliyah Alvarez

    I’m a 14 (15 in 4 months) year old female. My father is 5’8 while my mother is 4’9. Currently I am 4’8. I haven’t grown for a couple of years now and my goal height is 5’3. Do you honestly think that’s a realistic goal for me considering genetics?

  • Sarah Rose

    Will the dry swimming, cobra stretch, and cat stretch and a good diet alone help me gain height? How long will it take? Thanks.

    • stretching alone will not help you grow taller.

      • Sarah Rose

        But I thought doing these stretches adds a few inches to your torso?

        • If they do, those gains will be no where close to permanent. you will loose them over time.

          • Sarah Rose

            Wait I’m confused now. How did you gain 7 inches then? You gained about 4 inches in the legs, and where did you gain the other 3 inches?

          • Contact me by email if you need an elaborate answer.

  • Samit Gandhi

    Can hanging from a chin up bar reverse kyphosis?

  • Astha Mishra

    I m 22yrs 5months. My height is 5’1″. There is this remarkable thing in my stature, my legs are long enough, jst 2inches less of my brother who is 5’11” . But my torso is really very short, though everybody in my family has long torso, including my mother who is 5’1″. My spine is healthy. Is it possible for me to grow 2-3 inches just through stretching and hanging? And how can I increase hgh without doing weight lifting. Plz mail me : [email protected]

    P.S. – I m unable to use d contact link.

  • Faizan Mehmood

    Hi there sir can you please help me out I want to increase my height I currently hate my height and really bugs me everyday in my life. I am 16 5ft 4inch male what are the most effective ways in order to achieve the best results I’ll do anything please

  • Astha Mishra

    Dennis, I m experiencing a twitching pain in the lower spine, while curling back in the upward phase of cobra. Is it problematic or normal ? It feels like two vertebra are trying to push into each other.

    • You may need to contact a qualified physio for professional advise.

  • Riya Vaid

    Hey! I am 17 and 5’3 I fluctuate between 160 and 161 cm in height. It is my dream to be 5’7 (so a four inch increase in height). I know you are probably tired of these questions, but I don’t feel like I have grown in 4 years and every time I start a stretching routine I give up because I feel like it won’t work. Do you think I can grow 4 Inches taller? Thanks !:).

  • Eva Mishra

    Hi..! My age is 26 n ht. Is 5’5″ n i want to increase it to 5’6″ or 5’7″… Is it possible now??

  • harshika

    I’m a female (5 ft.). Just turned 19. My parents have average height although my uncles and aunts are pretty tall. Do I still have some chance of growing taller till 20 or something? When do most girls stop growing? Some say 18 some say 21?!

    • Yes, girls stop earlier than boys to grow. It all depends on the age at which you entered puberty.

  • Bhanu

    Hi my age is 22 my height is 5.45ft I have to increase to 5.6 is it possible in two months by doing these….

  • aftab 17 years old and am 5’8 ..what shall i do to add 4 to 7 inches in just 90 days naturally.??

  • Shravan

    Hello sir. I’m 20 years old and around 5’6. How much time should I spend on these exercises and what diet should I maintain to at least grow an inch or 2? And how long should I maintain diet? Please do help me with my questions.

  • Aakanksh Kodavana

    I’m 17 and 5’10 can I add 3 inches more to body
    Already started hey swimming training and already have a beard and body hair

    • You are probably still in puberty so an inch or two is likely.

  • vidarshana fernando

    I’m 21 years and I’m a girl I’m 4’11” I want to grow 2 inches. Can I grow my height now? Please help me

  • Bianca

    Hey, i want to know it its possible to get smaller

  • Wdobryballer

    I am 14 years old right now and i am 5’1. Will these exercises help me grow and how long for some of those exercises. I want to be in nba and i want to be at least 6’5 when i grow up

  • Wdobryballer

    And how long do you do it for

  • Wdobryballer

    Hey i am 14 years old how long do i do this exercises to increase my height if i am a late bloomer and i am 5’1. I want to be around 6’5 when i grow up can i reach there

  • Joseph Monash


  • Joseph Monash

    Hello I am 15 years old boy.I am 5ft tall.I want to know that does skipping rope and footall increase heighth.If yes than for how long I have to do this in a day ???And Thank you very much for this information.

    • The two exercises will not independently make you taller but they help in one way or the other.

  • harsh giri

    Hi..I like your page I am 21 yr old 5’7″ want to reach 5’10” or 5’9″ atleast. Taken xray of my forearms a year ago, growth plates are closed. Just Want to ask if the height gained after performing this exercises is temporary or permanent, I want it to be permanent. what should I perform for that and if diet is necessary for the gains

    • stretching alone won’t give you permanent results.

  • Nick London

    Hi, I have a short torso, would using these exercise prior to a dead lift session be recommended, just wondered as the stretching would lengthen the spin/torso/muscles, and the deadlifts would build the back muscles up.

    Please advice thnx

    • Yeah, sure. But dead lifting shouldn’t be done everyday.

  • Jotham

    Hi Administrator! I’m 5’6 and I’d like to grow to 6 feet. Will this help? or I need more than Just Stretches??


    • Stretches alone won’t be enough.

      • Jotham

        So exactly what else should I add?

  • Jotham

    Hey Admin! I’m 5’6 and I’m looking to grow to 6 foot. Will just these stretches help me, along with some foods added to my diet? Or is there more that I need?
    Please Reply!

  • Jotham

    Administrator, I forgot to say that I’m 14, and my parents are short. My dad is 5’5 and my mum is 5’6 and I’m currently 5’7. Hi can I grow to 6 foot?

    Please help me ?

    • At 14, you are just entering puberty. You can still grow up to 5’10 or 5’11” by end of puberty.

      • Jotham

        Are there ways that I can make my self grow to 6 foot. Apart from puberty factors.
        Like things to add to my diet

        • May be surgery.

          • Jotham

            I don’t want surgery. I meant all natural ways

          • The steps to grow after puberty page in the side bar may address your question.

  • Jotham

    Hey admin.
    Would the stretches and diet work for me?

    • amin khan

      Yes..just believe and stick the routine

  • Jotham

    I’m looking for all natural ways to increase my height. I am 14 years old, 5’7 looking to grow to 6 foot.
    Is this possible? And how??

  • Sanya Chhabra

    Hello I am 20 and my height is 5’1 is there any chance that I can grow tall up to 4-5 inches by doing these exercises

  • AlphaTerran

    I am considering purchasing your book but I am 16 so still in puberty – does this book also advise on how to grow DURING puberty?

    • You may find a tip or two that may help if you are still in puberty. Otherwise it’s mainly for folks who are past puberty.

  • Md . Farhan Ishraq

    Hi … I’m of 17 and my height 5’3″ … I got that my height stunned for almost 3-4 years … I just want to increase just only 3 inches and want to be a boy of 5’6″ … and for that I can do anything … I ride my cycle for long and pass almost 10-12 miles everyday … what should I do more to increase my height ?is it possible to gain 3-4 inches now as I think I have reached to my final destination afterall?

    • You can out grow your parents. So, you need t change your mind set first.

      • Md . Farhan Ishraq

        Sir I believe that I can … but what should I do more to get my results? My cousin tried all of the stretches, exercises and everything including the following diet for almost 2 years but he failed to gain enough … i have read all of your blogs and trying my best to maintain a routine strictly … just I want to know that how much I can gain and what time it should take around? And is there any need to add something more to ensure a better reasult sir?

    • There’s room fr one or two inches especially if you state that you are just 17.

  • Salim

    My age is 23, Can i increase my height through these exercises

  • leboss

    Hey, I am currently 20 and measure about 5’11”. So i was wondering how likely is it for me to grow a few inches? And i would also like to mention the fact that i haven’t been growing after i hit 12 ( i have never lifted weight to to stun my growth).

    • Wow.. so you’ve been 5’11” since 12 ? it’s easier to gain one or two inches in torso. Those who succeed in lengthening the legs put in a lot of effort.

    • it’s easier to gain one or two inches in torso. Those who succeed in lengthening the legs put in a lot of effort.

  • Akshay Kumar Adhana

    hi i’m 16 and 5’10 i’m a basketball player and wants to grow taller can i grow 6 till 18 or 20yrs of my age

    • If you are male,you may add 2 inches by 25 depending on your genes.

  • Hellfire

    Hi I m 35 male. I need to increase 6 cm to get a job. Can ur technique help? 🙂

    • The stretches may help anyone up to about age 40 though the younger the better.

      • Hellfire

        Thanks for the reply

  • Nouha Aleem

    I am 18 years old and i want to grow at least 2-3 inches tall, so how much time should I spend doing these torso stretching exercises?

  • Finn Liebknecht

    Do these exercises increase the height temporarily or it is possible to gain permanent height?

    • Height gained in legs is permanent. You will need to keep stretching once in a while to rain height in the torso.

  • Bella Armada

    Hi, i’m a female and i’m just 5’3. I have been exercising for about 2 months and i have achieved an inch. Is it possible for me to gain another 4 inches ? Your reply would mean a lot to me. Thank you for ur time.

  • Obsesd

    I am a twenty years old female. I got my period at the age of 10. I was 5 feet tall already but I never grew after until I reached 16. I suddenly gained 2 inches then. Till today I am still stuck at 5’2. Note : I never had a growth spurt. Is it still possible for me to grow couple of inches?

  • Obsesd

    I grew at 16 after 6 years of waiting… keep trying

  • tao wang

    I’m a chiness,and 22 years old now.My height is 5’35,I stop to grow up since I was abou 17.I real want grow a little more.Can I?

    • Peruse the comments on this thread, your question was asked before and answered.

  • Robert


    As I’ve perused through the comments, I’ve noticed you’ve replied that these stretches don’t result in permanent height growth and that they go away, so constant stretching is needed. I understand that is the case if it is only muscles being stretched, but it was my thought that these stretches would legnthen the space between the cartilage in the spine, if we did these stretches with HGH, through chaos training. The front page also decribes 3-5 inches of height increase with this, not 1-2. So, I’d just like to clear some stuff up. Are these stretches for temporary growth? Are these stretches for your muscles or your cartilage/bones in torso? If they’re not, what are some exercises for permanent cartilage/bone growth in torso?


    • The stretches don’t directly make the cartilage grow rather they create room for cartilage growth.

      • Robert

        So why are some people experiencing only temporary growth? Because of a lack of HGH?

        • Well said. Without G.h body growth is almost impossible.

          • Robert

            Okay, sorry this will be my last question

            So you’re saying that the GH is what KEEPS the cartilage seperated, after the streches seperate them?

          • P.M me using contact link above for Clarification. G.h instigates bone and cartilage growth i don’t know what you imply by “G.H is what keeps cartilage separate”.

  • Vishal Janapati

    So i am 14 years old and almost 6 feet. I know i am young but the problem is, my legs are extremely long and my upper body is really short. My legs are about 42 inches (107 cm) long from heel to hip bone. Will doing these exercises make my upper body grow in length?

    • Give it time, since you’re just entering puberty it may grow naturally. But you may do the stretches as well.