5 Effective Abdominal Exercises



Weak abdominal muscles will make you slouchy which definitely makes you loose a couple of inches.exercises for height

Strengthening the abdominal muscles not only gives you stamina and make you look taller, it also adds a couple of inches to your vertical stature.

It’s however imperative to note that a study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts showed that sit-up exercise training does not decrease the diameter of abdominal adipose cells, abdominal subcutaneous fat (skin fold thickness) or abdominal circumference (Katch et al., 1984).

Therefore, you cannot use ab exercises to selectively lose abdominal fat. Instead, to reduce fat content at a given body site, your total body fat will have to be altered. For more on that, visit….Tips to remove stomach Fat


The Most Effective ab workouts To Grow Taller


1. Side planks

This abdominal exercise is more complicated than a conventional plank because you’re assisting your human

the most effective abdominal exercises

weight on two points of contact instead of four. Consequently, you must work your abdominal harder to stay stable.

How to do it

A. Lie on your right with your shoulder straight below your neck and feet placed. Place your left hand on your left hip.

B. support your abs and raise your waist off the ground until you’re leveling on your right hand and legs so that your body is diagonal to the floor.

2.Bridge Exercise 1
core exercises

Follow these steps to perform the Bridge exercise:

Lie on your back with your legs curved and your feet flat on the floor, roughly hip length apart.

Your legs should be in a relaxed and comfortable position. — not too close to your butt and not too far away. You should be able to easily find the Neutral Spine.

Take a deep breath in, expanding into your back and your lungs.

Keeping your torso in one flat piece, press your feet into the floor and lift your hips up off the floor as you squeeze your butt.

Come up high enough that your body makes a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.

Maintain the Bridge position.

Still holding the bridge, think of knitting your ribs down to your belly, squeeze your butt, and try to lengthen through the front of your hips.

Hold the Bridge position.

Maintain Neutral Spine as you come back down to the mat.

Complete 3-5 repetitions.


3. Bicyclebicycle

Lie on the floor facing up and position your arms behind your head, gently assisting it with your finger tips.

Bring the knees towards the stomach area then lift the neck muscles off the floor without pulling of the neck.

Bring the right elbow towards the left knee while stretching out the other leg. Switch sides and bring , the left elbow towards the right knee while stretching out the right leg.Continue alternating sides in a ‘cycling’ motion. Continue up to 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps

4. Sit ups

The situp is an abdominal muscle training exercise generally conducted with the aim of building up the hip flexors and ab muscleshow to tone stomach muscles

Begin with lying with the back on the floor, with the arms across the chest or behind the head and knees bent and then elevate both the upper and lower vertebrae from the floor until the entire upper body is not touching the ground.

Do 10- 15 reps in the beginning then do as many as you can as you get used

Strength exercises such as sit-ups and Push-ups do not cause the Spot Reduction of fat .

5. Bridge 2/ Plank

Plank is the easiest yet most effective abdominal exercise.the best stomach muscle exercises

Lie on the floor with your face towards the floor.

Place your hands under your chest.

elbows and arms under your chest.

Now try to raise your body by relaxing the entire weight on the hands. The back and legs should be straight. Sustain the position for a matter of a few moments and return to the starting position.



  • Zak Ali

    Hm are these done before or after the hanging and stretches?

    These will stabilize the torso hieght gain?

  • wockeez

    Dennis I have a strong abdominal and i does have abs since 9years old ,so doing the exercises again can make me taller or i have to do cycling for the growing of shin bones

    • Yeah, just use cycling as wellas sprints, walking and other chaos training exercises.

  • ahman hman

    Hi Dennis, for the past three months I did sprinting three times a week and got some progress. I also did cycling everyday and plan to continue; but my question is, for the past two weeks, I have noticed I have lost pretty much half of what I have gained inin torso. I also started feeling some back pains and I was wondering if you had similar experience when doing these exercises and what did you do about it. I did stretches regurarily too.

  • bro

    Hi Dennis, do i need to tone my body after hanging?

  • Wahab Shah

    dennis how i increase my torso

    • Visit the effective stretching exercises link in the side bar.

  • Nour Jihen

    Hey, I’m 20 year-old girl, I’ve been always told that workout and weight lifting affects badly on height growth is that true? if so what’s the best exercices you advice me to do? I’m ready to do anything (btw I raised my bike seat recently to strech my legs)

    • Yes weight training has an impact on growth especially if you are still in puberty.

  • Astha Mishra

    I do not find the chest stretching exercises on the home page.

    • They were covered in the exercise routine guide or book.

  • Dylan Walker

    How long must one cycle/sprints to gain an inch or two in their shins? Daily or every other day? an hour a day? how many months of training?

    • There’re different cycling routines that give results. These were covered in the book. Other wise cycling should be done everyday.

  • A.

    Hi Denis,
    I cycle 30 km 5 days a week. And sometimes there is a lot of wind and I have to make a lot of effort. And I read on this page that if you sprint for 30 seconds you will increase HGH. Does this mean that if I cycle like I told you above I’ll also increase HGH? Cause actually the movements are quite similar.

    • Yeah, if you cycle very fast it can increase G.H though it’s not very effective.

  • khushbu upadhyay

    Can I increase height if there is epiphyseal closure.As by stretching I can see result in two weeks that I grew by 1.5 cms but if I stopped stretching exercise and hanging those gained cms reduced so what is your suggestion to gain height permanently.

    • Yes you can.. there’s a page about leg lengthening in the side bar. It may help.

      • khushbu upadhyay

        Thanks….hope for the best ……

  • khushbu upadhyay

    Thank you for your valuable response.May you please suggest which HERO bicycle model is effective and best for cycling exercise.