Leg Lengthening With Cycling – Does Cycling Increase Height?

Organisms continuously face challenges as they grow and develop, and are equipped with an adaptive plasticity as the traits develop in response to the imposed conditions.leg lengthening with cycling, how to make legs longer with a stationary bike

In the same way, when you raise a bicycle seat and your legs stretch out to reach for the pedals the body will receive a communication that the legs reaching the pedals is a matter of survival. This will enable the legs to adapt to the environmental alteration over time. And that’s one of the ways cycling does increase height.

Since adaptation is a process, your body will take some time to adapt and the initial increment in leg length will take about  1 – 4 months  depending on many other factors like growth hormones, nutrition, sleep and a like.

Riding a bike with raised saddle also lengthens your leg muscles by stretching the calf muscles as well as the popliteal fossa(part behind the knee). This gives the shin bone room to grow freely when stress on the legs is well applied.

The bones of your leg have roughened patches on their surfaces where muscles are attached.

When your muscles contract and stretch, they pull the bone they’re attached to, making your leg move.


With cycling exercise for leg lengthening during or after puberty, An indoor or outdoor bike will do.

Your success in using this technique will depend on the type of bicycle you use among other factors.  Outdoor bicycles like the Schwinn Hybrid Bike >>,  or the hero bicycle  if you are in India are very effective because they are high enough and their seat posts are customizable.

if you choose an indoor bike, then a spinner bike like the  Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1110 Indoor Cycling Bike  will be effective because of the resistance it offers while pedaling unlike an ordinary indoor bike.

Then have that bike seat raised about 1/4 to half an inch higher than the level where you can cycle comfortably and then do the cycling exercise.

Now, most indoor bikes come with short stems which makes it impossible to raise the seat to your desired height.

If you face such a challenge,  An  adjustable  Bike Seat post >>  will do.  Just make sure you get the right size for your bike.

The bicycle will have to be stationary when lengthening the legs with cycling but if you don’t have a stationary bike and you are facing budget constraints, there’s no need to hit the gym as long as you have an outdoor bike.

Just customize an outdoor bike by purchasing a  Ibera Easy Utility Bicycle Stand IB-ST2
to make the bike stationary. But these tend to have compatibility issues so be sure it fits your bike.

The cycling  Exercise with raised seat

cycling for limb lengthening routine isn’t that difficult, neither is it that easy. The challenge here is getting used to riding while seated on a raised saddle but with time, you will get used. how cycling increases height

If you are starting out, raise the seat by quarter an inch then when you achieve the quarter gain in height, you may take it to half an inch and it may take you about four months to gain one inch in legs. Bones take on average 2 to 4 months to fully remodel.

Focus on the way the leg stretches. Make sure that the leg fully stretches out by attempting to pedal or cycle with the instep of your foot.

Make sure you do the entire exercise casually and don’t attempt to be in a rush or sprint cycle. It will seem boring so playing some music or listening to an interesting program while subconsciously focusing on the way the legs stretch may help.

success stories for the different leg lengthening with cycling routines are covered in the ebook !

You may come up with a different routine and still see results as many report results with different routines.

Though 1/4 an inch may be negligible and some will notice but may not tell you directly because to them it will be unbelievable, to you it will be an achievement and it will hearten you to carry on since your labors will be rewarded and before you know, you will be an inch taller in legs.

During the course of this exercise especially during day, you may feel pinches of slight pain once in a while in the shin bones and around the knee cap and all this will be a sign that your bone is growing.

With this exercise, i was able to grow about 1/4″ for the first month, though later it took longer. You may grow even more in a less time considering that i approached the exercise the lazy way, doing approximately 5 minutes a day because longer hours never worked for me.

There are some who spend longer time cycling with raised saddle and they see results without increasing growth hormones release in their bodies.

It’s however imperative to note that growth hormones are very critical for bone growth so if you ride for long hours and also increase growth hormones then you may be able to grow faster.

what i have realized though, is that even if your target was growing by an inch, you keep increasing the target as you grow because you realize that your height destiny is in your hands yet you feel you want to walk on top of every one….how nice it feels!

PS: Some one just emailed me this success with the cycling routine;

“Dennis, i have a question about your cycling leg lengthening method: after putting your technique into application, i miraculously gain 1.5 cm within a week with abundant protein supplement and a 2-hour routine.(i always measure my height in morning)However, the efficiency slowed down afterward. Do you have any idea about this?( I have been raising the seat saddle constantly.) hope you can answer me.”

  • Personally, i kept it natural and preferred home made protein shakes. Otherwise just aim for ~70 – 120g of protein every day. An egg white contains 6g. 6 egg whites every morning will serve about half your needs.

  • Pooty Lim

    I tried your routine since April but have only gained 1 cm(166.5-167.5) in height in 4months. Could it be due to the inconsistency in my routine as some days were very busy for me? If so what could I do to keep up the consistency? Also, I notice that my night height(167.5) and my morning height(169) is different. Which do you use to gauge your progress? I hope to reach 180 by the time i graduate from high school 2 years later.

    • Is that gain in legs or torso? If its in legs, that’s normal. Legs take very long to grow significantly.

    • techperience 4

      what’s your age and Did you get that height in legs or torso?

  • Jeremy Hung

    Hello Mr Raney, thankyou very much for posting these useful information online. Cycling is my favourite hobby, so I’m really glad to hear that it can make me grow taller. However by reading your post I do have some questions on it. For the sake of growing, is it better to ride with low cadence ( which requires more strength to paddle with lower frequency of paddling) or high cadence (high frequency of paddling with low strength applied).

    • What matters is the leg fully stretching with a relatively high resistance.

  • Rachel Filsoof

    Hi:) I’m 20 years old, I sing and model.. I’m about 5’7 and I’d like to be about 5’8 or 5’9 since I’d like to do runway as well. I’m wondering how to increase growth hormones? I also would like to get in better shape while cycling to grow. I don’t want to beef my legs up, I’d rather thin and tone them while growing. How much of a resistance should I be putting on the bike besides raising the seat? And how often should I do it, like what time of day would be better and for how long since I don’t wanna do it for just 5 minutes? And should I be stretching as well? Like what kind of stretches?
    Thank you so much:)

    • Factors For HGH Secretion link in the side bar leads you to the page That shows you how to increase growth hormones. If you don’t want to pedal for 5 minutes, other cycling routines for longer periods are covered inthe ebook.

  • oufan hai

    Can I use a recumebent bike ???

  • Michella

    hi! I just started the routine, but I have a question, how should I stretch my legs when doing the cycling exercise? with my toes pointed, or with my heels sort of pointed? Thank youu so much for your book.

    • Non should be pointed. the foot should be parallel to the pedal and floor.

      • Michella

        tnk youu!

  • Dan

    Hey, so I heard that it’s better to do both sprinting and cycling as sprinting creates micro-fractures which will be stretched by cycling. However, I read somewhere that after you stand upright again, the stretched micro-fractures are compressed by the weight of the body and hence no progress. I want to know if this is true and is it better to use ankle weights before bed to stretch the micro-fractures.

    Thank you

  • Ali

    hi Dennis, i’m 22. 5’6 1/2.. can i be taller with just do the chaotic and cycling only? i don’t like to do stretching.. pls answer.. thank you 🙂 i need to add about 2-4 inch on my height..

  • Dan

    Hey, so I heard that it’s better to do both sprinting and cycling as sprinting creates micro-fractures which will be stretched by cycling. However, I read somewhere that after you stand upright again, the stretched micro-fractures are compressed by the weight of the body and hence no progress. I want to know if this is true and is it better to use ankle weights before bed to stretch the micro-fractures.

    • Yeah, use ankle weights while sleeping or just before going to bed.

    • MrB’sSuperFunHappyHouseYAAAYYY

      You could also buy a stationary bike and put it right next to your bed so you can fall in after you are done, an idea?

  • Carlo

    Hello Dennis, I’m 14 and 5’5″. I couldn’t sprint since I live in a very busy street, odds are I die first before I even reach a kilometer. So, I tried the cycling. I’m just wondering if everything you mentioned works for Asians too?

    • This has nothing to do with race but sprints are critical.

  • Ryan

    Hey, I wanted to iron out some details to maximize the effectiveness of this. Does it matter if you cycle in intervals, for example cycling for 30 minutes, stopping, then doing another 30 minutes later in the day, or should it all be done in one go? Also is it ok to cycle everyday, or do the legs need off days? Thanks.

    • Intervals or cycling straight out? Just do what fits your schedule. I don’t think one is more effective than the other. Whatever choice you make, you need to do it everyday.

  • Musa Muhammad Luqman

    I’m like 16 years old and I’m sick of taking these homeopathic medicines for the growth of my height , will this help me increase my height ?
    I’m around 5’4 or 5’5 and I need to be around 6’0 tall :/ :/ :/ any way ?

    • If you are male, there’s still time for you to grow naturally.

  • Preet Sharma

    iam 5’5 and im 18 years old everybody in my college is taller than me and its really embarrassing so please is there any exercise that does really work fast and shows good results

    • I understand you desperate for quick results but That’s not how the body functions. You can’t force it to grow as fast as you wish. You have to be patient.

  • Ashley Yae

    I am a 15yr old asian female, my current height is 5’2″ with a inner leg length being 28″. I’m very very insecure about my height and my leg length (because all my friends are at least 3″ 4″ inches taller than me) do you think this will help me grow more? (My growth plates might be closed) Also, how long should I exercise per day? and what kind of diet should I stick to? Thanks!!

  • Carlo

    I’m just wondering, you mentioned that your parents were 5’7″ and 5’4″ and several of your relatives are 5’11” and over. So basically, your chances of having a tall gene is rather high. But for me, my parents and relatives range from 5’1″ to 5’8″ and most of them are in the shorter range. So can this exercise defy my genetically programmed height or will this only bring me closer to my programmed height?

    • Well said, The exercises may bring you closer to your genetically programmed height.

      • Carlo

        Oh, well that’s quite disappointing. But still, thanks for answering. I just hope my genetic limit is 5’8″, I’m fine with that.

      • MrB’sSuperFunHappyHouseYAAAYYY

        I disagree, the reason why people outgrow their ancestors is due to environmental and nutritional factors, AKA adaption. If you could only reach and not grow ahead of your genetic height we’d all be the same height and never would have adapted to much of any psychical strains and we’d have died off prematurely as a species as a result, it’s a logical fallacy, height doesn’t magically come out of nowhere to make some tall and others short, there is a reason why Scandinavian people are taller on average than the rest of the world and Asians are shorter.

        It’s even said that height is only 95% hereditary, so I don’t doubt for a minute that you are completely limited to outgrowing your so called “programmed” (Hereditary, I assume you mean) height. Now I may have mistook the intentions of your comment and If I did just ignore what I said, I just needed to get something off my chest, It’s just that saying “programmed” sounds like you agree that there is a limit that no adaption can override.

  • Subhranil Ghosh

    if my parents are shorter, will cycling help me to grow my height? i am 15 years old now.

    • What about your close relatives? You can out grow your parents with or without cycling.

  • That bike is not likely to give you results. The bike should be challenging enough to pedal when the seat is raised and it should be relatively big.

  • What i recommended is just hat i used so it shouldn’t be exactly same but similar. That bike doesn’t look like it.

    • Zachary Moore

      ive been doing the ankle weights before bed after some plyometrics and running outside and my feet go numb after about 20 minutes every time. Would you advise less weight? right now I’m doing 40 lbs a leg.

  • Ana

    Hi I am 46 years super active and never thought I could gain more height with this method I spin allot so I am planning to try elevating the sit. Is it going to work even with my age?

    • Not really. At 46 bone formation isn’t likely to occur.


    I want to knw abt sprinting , do I need to run everyday to gain height or 1 a week sprinting wud it pains in th beginning so, do I need to stop sprint til it pains n thn start n do likewise?

  • Ali

    Does it matter when i need to cycling? In the morning right after i woke up or late evening? Which is better?

  • Akmal Danish

    When you said the legs must be fully stretched, does it have to be completely straightened? Cause I’ve been doing that for awhile by raising my saddle seat really high and my legs gets fully straightened when stretched but It becomes a little difficult for me though, when I’m not moving my bike and I have to tip toe to touch the ground and it feels a little uncomfortable. Is this how it’s supposed to be for my legs to adapt?

  • katya

    Is 22 too late for this? What inversion table do you recommend? thanks

    • 22 is just the right age. There’s a link to the recommended inversion table on this page.

  • fred brown

    hello dennis raney, my hight is ‘4-7’ and i am 15 years old i have tried many medicines for growth and the didnt work at all i have a normal bicycle for how much time do i need do to cycling and how much time it will take to grow my hieght please answer please i will greatly appeciatded

    • At 15, you are just 1 or 2 years into puberty. Chances are you will grow 1-3 inches by your 18th birth day. Visit the page about height increase during puberty for more information.

  • Tyler

    Hello why do you feel the bike will have to be stationary when lengthening the legs with cycling? Is it not the same stretching motion riding somewhere and riding stationary?

    • If you can ride with raised seat, no problem. Otherwise it’s difficult for many people.

      • Tyler

        Ahh ok thanks for the reply!

  • Rya

    While my legs goes full down my feet can still touch the peddle but at the time it goes down my leg is fully straight. So is it ok.

    • Yeah, that’s fine. As long as you pedal with you instep.

  • Christian

    Hello Dennis, I just turned recently 20 I’m a male, I purchased your book and I’m going to follow it strictly and hopefully I see results soon I am 5’8 looking to get to 5’11 or 6ft is it possible to reach that height still??

  • Mark

    Hello there, do you mean I will not be able to see any improvements by riding a moving bike with a raised seat unless I switch to stationary bikes?

    • If you can ride it comfortably with raised seat, no problem. Many folks find it very difficult to ride a moving bike with raised seat.

      • Mark

        Thanks… I was almost sad after spending a month on the moving bike.. I really hope to see my first inch soon

  • Christian

    I’ve been doing the cycling for about 1 week with proper form and it’s not easy so I go slow with high resistance. I’m also sprinting 3 days a week and raising my HGH in all kinds of ways. However I’m already having knee pain in my knee caps I’m kinda scared and happy at the same time! I’m also doing everything in your book. Hoping to gain some inches in the next few years with hard work.
    -19 yr male

    • Moderate knee pain is normal especially if it’s brief but if you feel uncomfortable then stop the exercise.

  • lolo villano

    Hello, does this work after puberty? So are you saying after your growth plates are closed you can still lengthen your legs with cycling? How important is sprinting in this? Should I do like 3 sprints before I cycle? Do you recommend something? Sorry for all these questions but I would really appreciate if you could answer them. I’m finished with puberty (more or less) and my aim with this cycling is 1.5cm. How likely is this?
    Kind regards

    • And how old are you?

      • lolo villano

        19 but my plates are closed as I have gotten a hand x-ray to check at the doctors. So doc said my back just might grow 0.5 to 1cm but my legs and hands definitely have stopped.

        • Stop being pessimistic and begin the exercise as early as you can. I gave enough example of individuals who grew at or past your age on home page…

          • lolo villano

            I am starting it now. Sorry I come across pessimistic my question was just does this worl even after the closure of epiphesal plates. And should i do sprinting before the cycling? To cause microfractures?