Steps And Initiatives To Take To Increase Height During and After Puberty


Many folks wish to increase their height or in this case grow taller during or past their puberty years but they don’t know where to start or how to go about it.

As already discussed on different posts, our final adult height is determined by both genetic and environmental factors. That’s why you find that in some cases, all family members may be classified as tall or short on average yet in other cases, some are tall, yet others are short.

You also need to know that some  illnesses or disorders may determine our final heights and no matter what you do, the only solution is surgery. There is a page that covers some of those illnesses on this blog.

Otherwise if you can’t afford surgery, you aren’t diseased, genes are on your side, and you are in a good environment,

Below are few changes you need to make to give yourself a chance to grow taller.


1. Sleep

I can ‘t emphasize enough how important it is to have enough sleep on daily basis. By enough i mean the recommended 7 – 8 hours for adults and 9 – 10 hours for adolescents and in this case, it’s the quality of sleep that counts not just staying in your bed all night half awake while counting the hours. It should be deep REM sleep. otherwise your body will be fatigued during the day and you will miss out on the growth hormones released during REM sleep. More on sleep here>>>>>


2. If you are fat, loose weight

There’s a link between your amount of body fat and HGH production .

Those with higher body fat levels or more belly fat will likely have impaired HGH production and an increased risk of disease.


3. Improve your nutrition

Our bodies are simply built and made up of minerals, proteins and essential vitamins so how do you expect you body to grow without nutrients?

According to the American Council on Exercise, 25 to 31 percent of our bodies is fat if you’re female, or 18 to 24 percent if you’re male. The rest is simply organs, bones, and muscles. Muscles require a lot of proteins and water to grow in size and bones require lots of minerals particularly calcium to grow in length. More on the required nutrients on the role of nutrition page on this blog. Hope you know where to find that the side bar.


4. Exercise

If you are still in puberty, you need to keep your body active during your puberty years. Sports like basket ball, swimming and other sports that require a bit of running will be a starting point. But keep away from sports that require a lot of weight lifting if you are still in puberty.

If you are past puberty, there are particular stretches that can help you increase height. Discussed on stretching exercises page. You will also need plenty of walking, jogging, and a bit of sprinting.


5. Meditation

This is a necessity if you are past puberty. You need to practice visualization. Imagine yourself a couple of inches taller. since growing after puberty is an up hill task, visualization will help you stay focused on your goal and it will help you have self belief.


6.  Avoid sex intercourse if you still in puberty.  

Now i know 90% of the teens are going to ask “what about jerking off ?”. Yeah, i know. This is one of the most frequently asked question by teenage boys. Well good news is you safe for now. But give your little brother some peace uh!..

Well, back to the point. According to research carried out by John Morris a doctoral student in psychology and his team on 40 day old hamsters which they say are equal to early teenagers in human terms, early sex can affect the immune system and delay the onset of puberty and growth – as well as having “lasting effects on the body and mood” which continue into adulthood.

This is because the teen body interprets sex as a “stressor”, sending the immune system into overdrive and causing inflammations that are behind conditions such as IBS. That can delay the onset of puberty and affect growth because sufferers miss out on key nutrients.


7.Growth hormones, the engine of growth.

Of course if you are still in puberty, nothing much to worry about. Your pituitary gland is doing you a good favor at least  for now.

And if enough hormones are not released yet you still in puberty, your endocrinologist may still come to your rescue.

At least that’s what the Argentine endocrinologist Diego Schwarzstein did for the now famous footballer  Lionel Messi in 1998 when diagnosed with a partial growth hormone deficiency.

If you are past puberty, well these G.H treatments are not recommended. But don’t despair, the page about how to increase growth hormones on this blog will do you some good.


8. Watch your posture

May be you are aware, may be not, but your sitting,  sleeping, standing and walking posture is making you one or two inches shorter.

Are you the type who spends hours sitting on your computer every day? well your back bone is no piece of mental. It’s made up of a network of cartilage and bones and these cartilages are softer and flexible because they have to cushion those bones in your back bone.

This also makes the same ‘cushions’ susceptible to external forces like gravity and poor posture. Well i won’t explain everything here. There’s an article about posture on this blog.


9. Some medications can as well affect body growth and development if you didn’t know.

Research, conducted by the Federal University of Rio Grande in Brazil and University of Montreal in Canada, showed that children who used steroids for asthma had slower growth rates compared to those not using the medications.

Anti-inflammatory medications like Corticosteroid therapy can also affect height through their effects on bone development.


10. Finally and most importantly, drink Plenty of Water

Many people underestimate the importance of water to the body. This is why i put this point last  yet most important.

The human brain is composed of 95% water; blood is 82% water; the lungs are nearly 90% water. Water is also the single most critical nutrient for health, growth, and development. This simply makes it the most important nutrient.

Water makes bone stronger. The additional fluoride added to the water supply provides extra strength and  density to bones.

Your body needs to stay hydrated in order to reach its full growth potential.

You need at least 2 liters of water a day for optimum health. Besides water itself, fruits like cucumber and water melons can help keep you hydrated.


ways to grow taller after puberty

  • Biswabijoy Mitra.

    Dennis,I am just 19 , and desperately want to grow more about 10 inches vertically…somedays in a week I have to go to the college and get to much stressed but I always do either skipping or sprinting…would this routine affect my growth…PLEASE suggest what should I do.

    • 10 inches isn’t easy even if genes are on your side. Aim for 1 – 3 inches if you are beginning otherwise you will give up prematurely. Skipping and sprinting alone won’t help much.

  • arsalan siddiqui

    Hi, My age is 36. Do you think, still your program will help me grow few inches?

    • Hello Siddiqui,

      Now that you have the book, you have the full program at glance so, just give it a try. I‘ve heard of people growing even in their 30‘s. In this case you brain will need to be involved to keep you focussed and positive. Read more about role of the brain using the last link in the side bar.

  • Ricky

    Hey thanks a lot! Starting to see the results I want! Great techniques you have!

  • Yeah, those are links to different sections of the blog. You may begin from the home page here…..

  • anirudh

    sir, I have a question I am 19 years of age and my height is 5 feet 5 inch can I grow to become 6 feet tall

  • Simon

    Hi Dennis, im 15 years old and my growth plates are already closed, im currently at 169cm and i would like to increase my height everything i can. ive been doing stretching exercises for about 3 weeks and i havent seen no result at all, my HGH levels are really high but doctors say i have no opportunity to grow further, is their anything i could do, continue the exercises maybe, when will i see results?????

  • Muwonge Nicholas

    hey ranney am three months into 21 years old am 165cm , i want to gain up to 3 inches , can this ebook really help out on my height, please i need assurance because most people tell us that their ebooks are legit yet they’re not……

    • The earlier you begin the better. I’m sure it will help you in one way or the other.

  • Darklord

    so i am a college athlete and wanted to put on a couple of more inches but wanted to know if my vigorous training would affect me trying to become taller. Thanks

    • The body needs more recovery than intensity to grow

  • Micheal

    Im 22 years old ive been following ur work and im starting a grow taller routine now. I have can manage alot of time as im dedicated and consistant. I know that hardcore stretching daily beneficial in height gains, but im not sure on the HGH workout with my specific routine. I stretch for 2 hours in the morning daily and then sprint+ ankle weights/stretch for shinbones for 30-40 mins before going of to bed for 5 days. Is this routine too much or too less? I also thaught to add a chaotic workout, so how many days per week should i do the chaotic training and with how much gaps?

  • Micheal

    Should the sprints be separate, like for micro-fractures and HGH, that would be exhausting stuff.

  • Q U A C K

    Hello. Will this work just as well for women?

    • It’s for both sexes but much easier for men.

      • Q U A C K

        I figured. Well, I’ll give this a try anyways. I hope 3 inches is at least plausible for me. Also, thank you for sharing your experience and advice.
        Sidenote: After growing a full 7 inches, have you remained consistent with your routine? If so, have you gotten any taller? Is it possible to lose some of that gained height if one neglects the routine?

  • riccardo98

    I Denis, I am a male of 17 years old (3 months and I turn 18) and I’m 5″7 or 5″6
    This year i have grown 1 inch, if I buy the program and I will follow it how many cm i will do?
    ps sorry for bad english but I’m not good with this language

    • That will depend on your input among other factors.

      • riccardo98

        2 or 3 inchs in 1 year is possible?
        really hands and feet grow?


    Hi Sir,
    My age is 26 years & my height is 5’8.5″. I want to be 6′. Is it possible ?

    • That’s about 4 inches, it’s possible but first aim for 1 inch.

  • Adam rainer

    Incredible and appreciatable details. I’ve never ever seen details like you wrote before. You are the true hero.

    The sure facts on internet are mostly useless, “after growth plates are closed you will never get a growth again”

    So what? all the fucking thing i need is Growth anyway. A strick firm theory won’t help a thing.

    But, a nameless internet growth hero, your theories are very interesting and valuable. Your theories are much much better than other shitty sayings about growth on internet.

    Even if your theories might be not true, at least you suggested some long detailed things with reasonable explanation. I very appreciate that you shared it to all of us. Those are true valuable things. I will try to order your books either.

    thank you. you should be a novel prize winner.

  • Grog

    Hi Dennis, I am 15 this year and my height is 171 as of this comment. My parents are 168 and 150. I have been worrying about my current height as I don’t feel confident in myself. I was about 168 by the end of 2014 when I was 13 and retained about 170 in 2015 and till now. Is there anything I can do to increase my height till roughly 180 or so? And, have my growth spurt ended meaning I can’t grow naturally anymore? Really hope you can help me and answer these two questions

    • Are you male or female? use the contact link if you need a detailed answer.

      • Grog

        I am a male, and which is the contact link? And any tips as well?

        • At the very top of this page.

          • Grog

            What do I do after that?

  • Richard

    Can I find all of the detailed information in the eBook, or just on this website? I am trying to collect all of the information, but I don’t want to miss any important details.

    • I saw you got the book so i hope you found what you wanted.

  • Ali Sher

    dennis sir, i am almost 17 years old and i am 170 cm i want to be 180cm.How can it be possible ?

  • EdGarcia

    excuse me sir im 17 can i do stretching for me to gain more height ??

  • dylan sin

    where did you download it from?

  • yully

    hello sir dennis,
    I am female 25 years and 155 cm, is it possible to make 160cm ?

  • kunal chauhan

    hey dennis .my age is 25 , i m 5.6 and i m doing insanity max 30 intense workout , i m doing swimming and suryanamasakar as a part of stretching , i m having vegetarian food with milk and eggs and roasted soya beans as apart of my diet
    would it be worth in growing taller or i have to add some extra things in my routine

    • That’s not enough definitely. P.M me.

      • kunal chauhan

        Which things should I include in my daily routine then?

  • John Christopher waylinson

    I am 16 years old and I will turn 17 on 1 march 2017 I am 180 cm’s but I wish I can be 196 cm any advice for me ?Thank you

    • There’s a page about height increase during puberty in the side bar.

  • elijah

    wait…. so does jerking off affect your growth?

  • yong

    so i readed ur first page and i notice that in the last word u mentioned its not permanent right so it means if i gain height its not permanent? or im misdunderstanding? sorry about the english im not so good

  • someone

    i am a 20 years old male (fully pubert), i am 172 cm tall, is it possible that i can reach 180 ? thank you !

  • amin khan

    Can jelqing causes stress likes jerking off
    i often do jelqing should i stop for a while

    • Jerking off doesn’t cause stress. Early sex does. So go ahead with your jelqing.

    • Jerking off doesn’t cause stress. Early sex does. So go ahead with your jelqing.

  • Ryan

    sooo im 25 now.. 5’11 1/2 and trying to gain some height….. now i jacked off alot when i was a teen….no sex tho…. and i just now started getting into semen retention and not doing it.. so my question is, can i undo any harm that it has caused to my height? did it affect me at all?

  • Mohit Gohil

    Hey Dennis,
    I am almost 22 yr male after 40-45 days…
    I am currently standing at 5’7.3″ i.e approx 171 cm…i currently perform some stretching exercises and have proper nutrition but it didn’t helped…the problem is my legs are really long and i have a short torso…i want to add 2 to 3 inches atleast…also my mom is short at 4’11″(150 cm) and dad at 5’8″ (173 cm).I heard boys stop growing after 21 yrs and that i won’t grow now…is it true…and suggest me some tips to increase torso and add some height…i feel obsessed due to short stature.

    Please reply with your valuable answer…

    • Some males may even grow up to 25. It depends on the age at which you entered puberty.

    • It depends on the age at which you entered puberty.Some males may even grow up to 25.

  • Josh

    My name is josh
    I bought your grow taller after puberty book recently.
    This year I’m about to turn 17 around end of this year and I’m not sure whether I’m still undergoing puberty
    But lately I have been neither not growing at all or growing very slow per year,(I gain only 1.5inch last year)
    I have a tall dad a height of 178-180cm but my mum is short which make her about 160cm
    My friends height have already overshot me by a lot making me the shortest in my class (even most of my boys and girls juniors is so much taller than me)
    I wanted to grow at the very least about 175cm this year but my ideal height is about 180cm(my height currently at age 16 going to 17 this year is 167-168cm)
    Most of my Friend parents were shorter than my parents but they ended up growing much taller than me and most of them grew taller than their dad regardless what their height was
    I found it unfair that I was still very short not catching up with my peers
    I did not know what was the cause that led me from not growing tall and panick ever since for the last two years but did not know what to do?

    After reading ur book I have a few questions
    Currently I am not able to buy a bike until this year November because of some problem
    So is it possible if I could do the routine stated in the book but without Cycling till I get a bike in November?
    And is it possible to replace the lifting weights exercises stated in the book to push ups or any other exercises to release my growth hormones and become tall?
    And is there still hope for me to reach my ideal height?
    Plz help I’m desperate this height issue has already bother me for 2 years
    Plz if possible help me to create a exercising routine to grow tall as this year is important for me as I will be taking my major exam around early November and have limited time

  • ethan

    I’m 16 years old at 6ft 1.5inch my dad is 6ft 5 inch and my mum is 5ft 6 inch am I going to grow more or am I gonna stay the same? I didn’t really start puberty until I was 14

  • Faaiz Abdullah

    Hello Dennis sir.
    I am a 14 year old boy and I am currently around 5ft and 3 inches. I had a growth spurt when I was 13 years old where I went from 4ft 10in to 5ft 2in. My mom is 5ft 0in and my dad is 5ft 8in. Right now I play soccer about 3-4 times a week. I am very concerned about my height because my friends are all around 5ft 6in or higher. Will I grow any taller?

    • Between 14 and 17 yo may experience another growth spurt.

      • Faaiz Abdullah

        Based on my parents height’s, is it possible that I might get to 5ft 10in?

        • Yes you can though not guaranteed.

          • Faaiz Abdullah

            How tall should I expect myself to be by the time i am 16?

          • That i can’t predict.

  • Rock Dog

    I’m currently 6’2.5″ upon awakening (6’2 upon sleeping) and have recently grown half an inch. My uncle is 6’3″ and I believe that I’m probably going to reach that height. However, I would like to grow 2 inches. I do feel that my bones are growing at this time, but I would like to accelerate my growth so that I can achieve the height of 6’4″.