How to increase neck Length Exercises – Get a Long Neck

The Sterno muscles in the neck can surprisingly deliver quite a significant amount of height due to the head being pushed up higher.

So you may increase height by lengthening neck or neck elongating exercises.

Lengthening the neck is relatively easy since its made of a group of muscles and the bones in the back which have cartilages in between.

Studies that evaluated the biochemical effect of stretching showed that muscle length does increase during stretch application due to the viscoelastic properties of muscle.

However, this length increase is transient, its magnitude and duration being dependent upon the duration and type of stretching applied.


Step One

Stand still or up right with your head straight and your shoulders freely falling.How to have a longer neck

Step Two

Tilt your head over to the left shoulder but lightly for 10 seconds and do the same to the right shoulder.


Step Three

Fall your head to the back and be able to look to the ceiling for ten seconds and do the same with your head facing the floor.

after the entire workout, roll your head around.

Repeat the entire work out 2-3 times and you may do it through out the day any time you feel your neck is tense. If done properly every day, you should see results after about a week.


Neck Strengthening  Exercises

After lengthening your neck, you may realize that it will become loose that is the muscles will become longer but tend to weaken.

Muscle length gains are greatest immediately after stretching and decline within 15 minutes that is why You may need to make them stronger and build them up.

This is what you need to do;


Exercise Oneneck strengthening

Join your fingers and place them at the back of your head tightly with head facing down. push your head up while

resisting with your hands.

Make up to ten repetitions. This exercise can be performed

any where any time.



Exercise Two

Sit on your bed or on a lower seat, roll up a towel and place it at the back of your head with the head facing down.

Push your head up while strongly resisting it with the towel.

Do five to ten repetitions.


Shoulder shrugs

Conclude your set of neck exercises to relax the neck to shoulder muscles with shoulder shrugs immediately for optimal results.

Start by looking straight ahead. Slowly raise both shoulders up. As shown in picture.

Hold for 5 seconds, then return to starting position. Do 10 repetitions rapidly to relax your muscles around the neck and shoulder.



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  • Sandra Gonzalez

    Can you help me with any exercise which can reduce size of the breasts?

    • Hello Sandra,

      sorry but i only share my experiences not theories. Since I’m not female, i’m afraid i can’t advise much about boob size.

    • sanwal


  • perkins

    How fast averagely should you see growth in the neck area ?

    • A week is enough if done right and everyday.

      • sanwal

        september 2015 & my height is 5’5″ i want go grow up 3 inches.
        Can u solve my problem? Any tips plz

  • Guest

    Is the age of the stretch answer؟

  • oscar Rodriguez

    Whats the eisiest way yo.lose body fat and well man boob?

  • Annette

    I’m 16 and my height is 4″10, what should I do? I started some stretching exercises a month ago, and in the first two weeks, when I measured my height, it was almost half an inch shorter, and I thought it was not affecting me, so I gave up. Now, just some days back, I measured again, and the half inch was back, so what do you think I should do now??

  • Gaurav Mistary
  • Sasha Love

    after doing the neck exercises I’ve noticed that around my upper shoulders and my jaw is hurting am i doing something wrong?

    • Neck stretching exercises don’t cause pain in any way.

  • kane

    dear admin,
    can i grow an inch by doing this ?

    • Together with chest stretching you can… otherwise in the neck alone, an inch is on the higher side.

  • Moviesforlife

    Can losing weight along with these exercises help me get a longer neck?

    • Most probably.

      • sanwal

        hi Admin , my age is 27 on this september 2015 & my height is 5’5″ i want go grow up 3 inches.
        Can u solve my problem? Any tips plz

        • sanwal

          I want min 5′ 8″ but its 5’5″ 🙁 help

    • Most probably.

  • Moonlight

    Does the way to make” the neck longer” actually work?

  • Kimberley

    Dear Admin; I just posted to ask you if I do these neck exercise routines will be neck lengthen permanently with no pain in the neck area & also how long should you keep doing these neck exercise routine for or is they a set amount of weeks you should do it for in order for it to work or can you stop if or whenever you see results; just asking. I look forward to your response as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • First, my results were permanent. No set amount of time is required it’s an an easy exercise that requires no much effort or time so nothing to fret.

  • Kimberley

    Dear Admin; I just posted to ask you if or whenever you do this neck exercise routine will you neck increased & how long can it get or does it depends on how long you wish to grow it by. Also how long would it take you after doing the neck exercise routine before you can see the results. Anyways I look forward to your reply as soon as possible(A.S.A.P.) Thanks in Advance for your help & in sharing this written tutorial.

    NB: Also just post to ask you if or whenever you do this exercise routine after the neck exercise routine & you’re neck get longer depending on the length of how long you want your neck to extend to; would they be any consequences following this exercise as in any neck pains etc; or is this a natural neck exercise routine & should not cause any pain in the neck whether or not how long you wish to grow your neck by;just asking.

  • Kimberley

    Hi Admin: Hi please to respond to my queries; how long does it takes before you see results in the neck area & also how can you tell/know if it has lengthen a bit; just asking if you are doing this neck exercise stuff etc. Finally how long did you had to wait before you see growth/increase in your neck if it has. I’m assuming it did because you wrote this neck lengthen article to share with the world because you saw results in the end; am i right; just asking. Anyways I look forward to your reply as soon as possible. tafs.

  • Hisui Sedo

    Does age matter? Can I still see results if i’m already an adult?

  • Ayaz Hussain

    what exercise to do during puberty (14-15)?

  • Hisui Sedo

    Does doing this exercises make your neck wider too?

    • The neck strengthening exercises will.

      • Hisui Sedo

        Oh, so doing stretches only will not make your neck wider?

  • Ana

    How long would it take to make my neck longer?

  • Azamat Serek

    How many days should I do these exercises? Is such case possible that the height of my neck will become so long, so that my head will become very heavy for my neck to maintain it? Are there any restrictions?

  • Lol

    How often should i do the exercises and do i stop streching my neck when i’m building up my muscles in my neck.

  • Gaurav Singh

    Sir i will done this things since 15 day
    no benifite i get

  • A.

    Does it also work if I perform neck lengthening exercises but then on my torso (like… when it says twist your neck to the left I do that but with my torso instead). I mean the torso has a spine which is actually also the neck so I thought why not. Thanks for your help and time

  • Gagan Dhindsa

    Sir my neck length is increased due to elevation in shoulder is this duo to development of sterno muscles if it is then how can i reduce my neck length i know my neck length is increased because i regularly measure my height

    • I don’t know of any safe ways to decrease your neck length.

      • Gagan Dhindsa

        If neck length is increased by development of sterno muscles in neck area it can also reduce by undoing the sterno muscles in neck area is it possible sir??

        • Not so sure about that.

          • Gagan Dhindsa

            Sir when i am sitting down on my hipps my shoulder elevation is less also the neck lenght is less what is reason behind this plz answee me because this is very important for me ???

  • DovmoNa Gucci

    Hllo I am Pooja I am running in 24 years age . My Height is 155 cm can you please help me out that how can i incease my height i want to be around 165 cm

    • Use the contact link above for an elaborate answer.

      • Gagan Dhindsa

        Sir plz reply my query above asked

        • Gagan Dhindsa

          Does elevation in shoulder cause the steeno muscle to develop

  • Romeo Teixeira

    I used to practice a lot of sports when younger ( Im now 30 yrs old ) and used to be fit, however I gained a heck of a lot of weight lately and for a couple of years i was very depressed, not doing much other than watching tv and eating junk food, and it took a toll on my posture, I got a really bad posterior pelvic tilt and forward head, and being fat also doesnt help.
    I´d like to have your input on how to fix this, I know losing weight is the most important step, but how can i lose belly / hip fat ? i look like a box from behind, from my armpits to my hips there are no curves, also my neck looks really small and strained.
    Do you recomment some kind of stretch routine and exercises to target the midsection ?
    thank you for your input

    • There’s a link to a page about tips to remove stomach fat in the side bar. It will help.

    • There’s a link to a page about tips to remove stomach fat in the side bar. It will help.

    • Read the tips to remove stomach fat page in the side bar.