increrease height after puberty



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increrease height after puberty

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increase height after puberty

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Among humans, developmental modifications result from both natural and environmental factors or pressures like cultural practices. 

An example of the latter was the now illegal practice in China of tightly wrapping or binding the feet of young girls with cloth with the aim of hindering normal growth.

While this caused permanent, crippling malformation of the foot bones, it also resulted in extremely tiny feet which were considered attractive.

Parents crippled their daughters with good intentions.

The Best leg lengthening Exercises --> Exercises to grow longer legs during and after puberty

Small feet made them more attractive potential marriage partners for rich important men and save them from a life of drudgery.


What makes such developmental adjustments to parts of our bodies possible is the fact that humans have a high degree of physiological plasticity .

That is to say, we can be physically molded by our environment during the growing process thus we can make legs grow longer with the aid of environmental pressures. 

This article will show you how to lengthen your legs naturally during and after puberty by performing leg stretching exercises that will enable you to grow taller in legs permanently . (bone development after puberty)



Outlined below are some of the Best Leg Lengthening exercises that if regulary perfomed could lengthen Legs/ Limbs naturally During and After Puberty.


Walking Jogging, and Running/ Sprinting

Sprinting lengthens bones naturally in two ways first, it increases micro fractures in the legs which may lead to bone growth in the process of healing if stretching is done with ankle weights or cycling.

Secondly, the entire body weight rests on our leg bones.

If sprinting is done regulary it leads to an increase in bone mass since the bones will have to grow thicker to accomodate the stress applied on the legs when sprinting. Its one exercise you can't miss out if you wonder how to make your legs longer naturally or how to grow bones thicker after puberty.




Doing many kicks regulary is believed to increase the length in the legs. Side kick in air not so high and so low about shoulder height and repeat as many times every day. The only challenge with this technique is it takes much longer to see results unless you are a kick boxer and it is part of your daily workout routine.



The very best stroke which will help you in your objective will be the breast stroke. The kicking action stretches your legs out while at the same time, you stretch out your torso as you float on water.



This is one exercise that i have used to grow over 3" in my shin bones. For more about it, read Leg Lengthening With Cycling.

You will also find a link to a few success stories on the page.

If you don't have an Indoor Cycling Bike or stationary bike, owning one will be an obvious thing to do for the best and quick results.

First, it will save you the recurring gym costs and second it will ease your work out programme since having a stationary bike at home allows you to conviniently cycle any time and day you feel like without worrying about trips to the gym. If you wonder how to grow longer legs naturally during or after puberty, its one exercise i recommend.

Elevate your seat a few Centimeters than the level you cycle comfortably and when you get comfortable or used to the new height, you keep raising the seat and there will be no reason your legs don't adapt with the rise in the bicycle seat.



Jumping and Skipping Rope.

Attempt doing this exercise by jumping with both legs at the same and land on the bottom of your feet parallel to the ground.

The idea is to stamp the feet on the ground so that your leg bones grow stronger and thicker. The more often you perform this eercise and the more the number of times you skip the better.


Inversion Table/Hanging

To perform this exercise, you must have an inversion table

If you don't have an inversion table you can substitute it by fastening your ankle on a hanging strap and then hang upside down.

The concept here it to stretch your lower body bones, i.e, your knee cap/ catillage and thigh joints in order to make the cartilages between the bones grow in length thus it is a perfect way to lengthen the cartilage in the knees.

This workout also has a great added advantage. Besides lengthening the lower body, this exercise also enlongates the spine as you are hang upside down with gravity force.

The longer you hang, the greater will be the results.

In fact, Inversion is considered as the ultimate Stretching exercise for increasing height naturally.

Perform the Workout at least 3 times a week for optimal results. Other wise, even every day is fine. Once completed, kicking your legs will enable your knee cartilate to grow. 3 times a week with as may hours as you can afford will do but the longer the better.




Using ankle weights

adjustable ankle weights to lengthen the legs through stretching and lengthening the cartilage between your knees.

It could also lengthen the shin bones if used immediately after sprinting since sprinting creates microfractures and ankle weights can enlongate the fractures which leads to bone lengthening as the microfractures heal. so it's another great method if you wonder how to grow your shin.

The downside of this exercise is the numbness in the feet which may prevent you from sticking them on for long thus constantly massaging the feet every couple of minutes is required to keep blood flowing into the feet.

This is the reason its not easy to do this exercise while sleeping thus its recommended to do it during day.

Sit on a high chair or lay on a bed high enough to allow the feet hang freely and use anAnkle weight fastener to add weights to your ankle.

Start with small weights and gradually increase as you progress, stretching your legs down freely with the pressure of the weights.

If you haven't come across any success stories with ankle weights, check this out


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