How To have Longer Legs – Exercises To Make Legs longer


Among humans, developmental modifications result from both natural and environmental factors or pressures like cultural practices. An example of the latter was the now illegal practice in China of tightly wrapping or binding the feet of young girls with cloth with how to get longer legsthe aim of hindering normal growth.

While this caused permanent, crippling malformation of the foot bones, it also resulted in extremely tiny feet which were considered attractive. Parents crippled their daughters with good intentions.

Small feet made them more attractive potential marriage partners for rich important men and save them from a life of drudgery.

What makes such developmental adjustments to parts of our bodies possible is the fact that humans have a high degree of physiological plasticity .

That is to say, we can be physically molded by our environment during the growing process thus we can make legs grow longer with the aid of environmental pressures.

This article will show you how to get longer  legs naturally during and after puberty by performing leg lengthening and stretching exercises . (how to make your legs longer)

Outlined below are some of the Best Leg Lengthening exercises that if regularly performed could make your legs longer naturally During and After Puberty – How to get longer legs.




Walking Jogging, and Running/ Sprinting

Sprinting lengthens bones naturally in two ways first, it increases micro fractures in the legs which may lead to bone growth in the process of healing if stretching is done with ankle weights or cycling.

Secondly, the entire body weight rests on our leg bones. If sprinting is done regularly it leads to an increase in bone mass since the bones will have to grow thicker to accommodate the stress applied on the legs when sprinting.

Its one exercise you can’t miss out if you wonder how to make your legs longer naturally or how to grow bones thicker after puberty.



Doing many kicks regularly is believed to increase the length in the legs. Side kick in air not so high and so low about shoulder height and repeat as many times every day.

The only challenge with this technique is it takes much longer to see results unless you are a kick boxer and it is part of your daily workout routine.



The very best stroke which will help you in your objective will be the breast stroke. The kicking action stretches your legs out while at the same time, you stretch out your torso as you float on water.



This is one exercise that i have used to grow over 3″ in my shin bones. For more about it, read Leg Lengthening With Cycling.

You will also find a link to a few success stories on the page.

If you don’t have a  stationary bike , owning one will be an obvious thing to do for the best and quick results. First, it will save you the recurring gym costs and second it will ease your work out program since having a stationary bike at home allows you to conveniently cycle any time and day you feel like without worrying about trips to the gym.

If you wonder how to get long legs, its one exercise i highly recommend. Elevate your seat a few Centimeters than the level you cycle comfortably and when you get comfortable or used to the new height, you keep raising the seat and there will be no reason your legs don’t adapt to the rise in the bicycle seat.


Jumping and Skipping Rope.

Attempt doing this exercise by jumping with both legs at the same and land on the bottom of your feet parallel to the ground. The idea is to stamp the feet on the ground so that your leg bones grow stronger and thicker.

The more often you perform this exercise and the more the number of times you skip the better.


Inversion Table/Hanging

To perform this exercise, you must have an  Inversion Therapy Table. If you don’t have an inversion table you can substitute it by fastening your ankle on a hanging strap and then hang upside to get long legs

The concept here it to stretch your lower body bones, i.e, your knee cap/ cartilage and thigh joints in order to make the cartilages between the bones grow in length thus it is a perfect way to lengthen the cartilage in the knees.

This workout also has a great added advantage. Besides increasing your height for  the lower body, this exercise also elongates the spine as you are hang upside down with gravity force.

The longer you hang, the greater will be the results.

In fact, Inversion is considered as the ultimate Stretching exercise for increasing height naturally.

Perform the Workout at least 3 times a week for optimal results. Other wise, even every day is fine. Once completed, kicking your legs will enable your knee cartilage to grow. 3 times a week with as may hours as you can afford will do but the longer the better. Just give it a go if you wonder how to have tall legs.


Using Ankle Weights

Adjustable Ankle Weights  lengthen the legs through stretching and lengthening the cartilage between your knees. It may  also lengthen the shin bones if used immediately after sprinting since sprinting creates micro-fractures and ankle weights can elongate the fractures which leads to bone lengthening as the micro fractures heal.

so, it’s another great method if you wonder how to grow your shin. The downside of this exercise is the numbness in the feet which may prevent you from sticking them on for long thus constantly massaging the feet every couple of minutes is required to keep blood flowing into the feet.

This is the reason its not easy to do this exercise while sleeping thus its recommended to do it during day. Sit on a high chair or lay on a bed high enough to allow the feet hang freely and use an Ankle weight fastener to add weights to your ankle.

Start with small weights and gradually increase as you progress, stretching your legs down freely with the weights. Someone sent me this message after registering some success with ankle weights……

“After 3 weeks of ankle weights routine, i gained 2mm in knee caps. 1hr in morning and 1hr before sleep is what i did.”

If you haven’t come across any success stories with ankle weights, check this out ……




” Dear Mr Raney
Firstly thank you very much for replying. I bought your program around 2 months ago. I’ve tried so many other programs like grow taller 4 idiots, how to grow taller for dummies, make me grow taller, grow taller secrets, smaller to taller e.t.c. Its been 3 years since I’ve started all these programs but my height wouldn’t budge. After using your program for 2 months I reached 169cm from 168cm. I really appreciate your program.

However I had some questions that I wanted to ask. About the sprinting regime(beginner stage), I don’t know exactly……………
……………..Thank you for your support and I’m so happy that you decided to share your experience”

ways to grow taller after puberty years

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  • The earlier you apply them the better but it wise not to exceed 15 to 20 minutes

  • ajay watson

    hi,i am 16 years old , I am 5.4 only , I want to grow 6 feet ,last 10 days I practiced for 100 ,200m race I continued this , this will help for me? but I sleep 6 hours only how much sleep I want tell me?

    • At 16, chances are you are still in puberty. Read about height increase during puberty using the link in the side bar.

  • Roxie

    well, this seems strange.. Will I get taller if I am 30+? I know we can get taller as we get more space between our vertebral joint spaces but limb? I don’t know…that sound interesting though

    • Just approach it with a positive mind set. I’ve hard even people in their 30’s can grow with stretching.

  • butterfly

    thanks Dennis for your efforts , i am female with 24 yo. let say i want to focus on leg lengthening exercise to increase my height , i will do sprinting and then raised seat cycling for ten minutes and that should be it? my Question is about increasing the HGH level, will doing sprinting only be enough to increase my HGH level?

    • The sprints should first of all be spaced accordingly.

      secondly i don’t know if you downloaded the ebook. if you did, refer to pg 36. Mistake number 2 i realized was relying on sprints alone for gh. Sprints are not as effective in releasing enough growth hormones for the bones to grow as the entire chaos training routine. In-fact sprints are just part of the chaos training exercises set.
      If you didn’t download the book, there’s a lot of information about height increase you are missing. Indeed this is a wide topic and what’s on the site is just a synopsis.

  • Xordan

    running really helps in leg lengthening but how about lengthening the portion above knee, the thigh??? i want to grow the length of my thigh as well…any suggestions??? please help

    • If you lucky, with growth hormones all the bones in your body will grow. My thighs grew though slightly without any exercises targeting them.

  • Esster

    Hey! I download the ebook but there is no download link in the email. Is this a digital book or its supposed to be delivered through post ?

  • Rainy Liu

    I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m 5″7 at the moment, is it possible for me to put on 2 more inches or get longer legs before graduating high school? I read the growth during puberty article but didn’t find excises that helps… I do cheerleading and we run a lot, so does that help? Please answer! I really want to grow more!

    • Rainy, on top of the information on the growth during puberty page, you can do the cycling exercise or use inversion table as well as sprints and walking. I don’t recommend chaos training.

      • Rainy Liu

        I usually walk home from school, and it’s about 1.3 miles, and I ran during the summer. Is that enough? I don’t think I can afford a inversion table (I don’t have credit card and my mom wouldn’t let me buy it) so is there any other replacement for it? Thanks!

        • Then sprints and cycling may do in the mean time

          • Rainy Liu

            Great!! Thank you for the advice!!

  • Ajay watson

    hi, dennis I want to grow taller in my legs, my ankle and thigh bones are short , my leg muscles are tight what I do? pls help me ,

    • cycling exercise or inversion table technique may help ease the tightness.

  • Ajay watson

    I started the leg lengthening , but you tell, ( There are many shin bone lengthening exercises as i explain on the Leg Lengthening Exercises page and all of them do work BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME ) what I do first ?

    • If you found that statement in the book, I’m sure the explanation was completed in detail otherwise i can’t explain here because of space.

  • wockeez

    Dennis the blog is awesome,you nailed it,I have a routine for growing my shin bones,needed your valuable advise for my routine


    2.jogging with ankle weights

    3.cycling with ankle weights,Does it will make a significance different in a very period of time

    • Not bad but the grow taller program is more than just exercising. You Will need natural growth hormones release through chaotic exercising, improved sleep patterns and yes sprints. Jogging didn’t help that much but walking did. I can’t put everything here. The full program is in the book above.

  • waheed

    can u tell me please how long it took u and how many inches u gained

    • Find that information on home page here…

      • waheed

        would it still work even if ma parents are short?

        • Our final adult height is determined by both environment and genes not only genes that’s why the average height of Chinese and Japanese has been increasing every decade since the end of world war II and the Dutch historically used to be shorter than Americans but now have the tallest average height. All this is attributed to nutrition changes not the genes of their ancestors.

  • waheed

    did u grow taller if so how many inches

    • Kevin Kipkemboi

      Hi Waheed,

      I haven’t grown an inch yet and the only reason why is because I stopped the exercises due to my college coursework.

      I’ll be done with college by the next summer and when I have more free time is when i’ll be start this exercise program for a few years.

      Otherwise if you have a good amount of time to dedicate to exercising, go ahead and try his method out. You won’t lose anything.

      But if you have any further questions, you can talk to the administrator. He’ll answer any other questions you may have.



      • waheed

        thanks bro

  • Kiran

    Hi I like your page Dennis its really useful keep up the good job. I have been following your exercises, stretching and everything for the past few weeks. My age is 22 and height is 5ft 7in. I actually want to add 4 to 5 inches to my height. So is it possible at this age?

    • It’s possible but growing after puberty is more than just stretching….You have to balance other factors as well like sleep, hgh, nutrtion etc it will really help if you get a copy of the full program in the book.

      • Kiran

        Hi thank you very much for replying back. I just wanted to know if I do follow the programs in the book how long it can take to add at least 1 inch to my height?

        • Our bodies are different so there’s no standard timeline for achieving your goal of one inch. Otherwise, all factors constant, in two – three months you will gain an inch.

  • Kritika Yadav

    I am 23 already, being a female do u think i can increase 3 more inches. At present I am 5′ 6.5″

  • lamha

    Hi. I just wanted to know how to lengthen my legs . and grow taller. Right now I am 17. I’m taller than some of my friends but I want to grow 6 ft. Rite nw em 5’3 . please help

  • Akash

    Hi, i am a 15 year old boy having a height of 5 ft 5 in and I had not grown for last 2 years. I desperately need a way to increase my leg length as all my classmates are now 2-3 in taller than me. I am trying kicking for about a month but it not seems to work. So please get me an answer

    • Akash

      only kicking is not going to help u infact kicking is only effective when it is complemented with cycling and ankle weight.

  • adi

    How many inches did you gained doing this exercises?

    Do you think inverted sit-ups with dumbbells another great way to increase height after puberty?

  • Hasib

    i’m a boy of 15 years old and i’m 5feet and i want to ge tall about more 7 inchies. how can i easily get the height of 5’7”?

  • LucasYKS

    Hi Dennis, i really like all your posts and comments! First question, can i put on my ankle weights while cycling right after sprinting? This will help me to save a lot of time rather than breaking down all three exercises at different time. Second question, can i not do sprinting but just cycling and putting on ankle weights? Thank you for your time!:)

    • Ankle weights and cycling need to be done separately if you want to get the best out of them.

  • jas

    I’m a 17 year old girl, and I am 160cm tall.. my parents are 167cm and 160cm tall.. I REALLy want to get taller!! What’s the best way to permanently increase my height by two or three inches? I’ve only grown 1cm over the past 2 years.. Is it still possible to grow even though my genes say I shouldn’t grow much more?

    • Try the leg lengthening techniques though I’ve to say most females are successful with ankle weights and the inversion table techniques.

  • Ajay watson

    hi, dennis raney, I followed you and grow taller 1 inch in my torso . thanks….. and I do morning 1 hour ankle weight, evening 5 to 6 I traning for my 800m race after finishing the training I came to home in cycle for 15 min, and I put ankle weight for 30min , before going to sleep I do 200 jumps, 200 kicks in each leg, and put ankle weight for 30 min…………THIS ALL HELP ME TO GROW TALLER IN LEGS? HOW MANY MONTHS TO GROW TALLER 3 INCH IN MY LEGS,,,, PLEASE TELL I AM VERY HAPPY TO DO THIS…………

    • Just be consistent with what gives you results even if it takes a year to get 3 inches.

    • Just be consistent with what gives you results even if it takes a year or two to grow 3 inches. All you need to know is legs take forever to grow. But the do grow.

  • The order doesn’t count much though that’s how i did it.

  • jude

    Hey my mom is 4’8 and my dad is 5’5 and I just turn 22 four days ago. I’m 5’3 1/2 is it possible for me to get taller barley change my diet and I stretch out a lot more and I train for football But I don’t lift weights. Is it possible for me to make it to 5’7 or 5’8?

  • jude

    Hey my mom is 4’8 and my dad is 5’5 and I just turn 22 four days ago. I’m 5’3 1/2 is it possible for me to get taller barley change my diet and I stretch out a lot more and I train for football But I don’t lift weights. Is it possible for me to make it to 5’7 or 5’8?

    • Quite tricky but try to see if 1 or two inches is possible.

  • Franco

    Hello! Dennis, I’m 27 and after 3 months it’ll be 28 years;now my height is 5.6”.Now the common question like all is ‘Can I grow my height in this age’! If it’s possible,how much inch I can add and how many months it’ll take probably? I think my bone plate gone closed;so,really would it be possible?Would you inform,please!please!

  • Franco

    Hello! Denis,can I grow taller at the age of 27 though after 3 months it’ll 28 years.My present height is 5.6”.Essentially,would it be possible to be taller as my bone plates gone closed,would you inform,please!please!

  • johncenaandy

    when does growth plates close for a boy who has attained early puberty.?


    “Contact me ”
    but HOW 😕
    Please really really need a reply

    • There’s a contact link right above this page or just follow this link.

      • FD TAHURA

        Aww thanks

      • FD TAHURA

        I m 21 year old girl & just 4’11”
        Can I grow more? is it possible? I was in same height when I m 12 & that time DOCTOR said I’ve done with my height 😯 I m short because my father is short he is 5’5″

  • Karin Estermann

    Try this insoles and grow up to 4 cm:

  • JayJay

    are these methods permanent or its just temporarily? I’m planning on purchasing the inversion table, because I also have a bad back. Thanks

  • JayJay

    are these methods permanent or its just temporarily?

  • Nyana Vaddhano

    Is it okay to exercise for about an hour everyday? I’m an asian male with a really low height about
    165.5-166 cm, however it seems that my friends are a bit taller or shorter than me, so I guess I’m at the average height. Anyway,I’m still 15, 82 kg and I have stationary bike at home. I want to be as tall as 175 cm if possible. Even though I’m at the puberty stage, but I had a really slow height gain…

  • Raj Ramtri

    Can I purchase the book from amazon ?? Is it the same one ….can u send the amazon link

  • Simon

    Hi Dennis, im 15 years old and my growth plates are already closed, im currently at 169cm and i would like to increase my height everything i can. ive been doing stretching exercises for about 3 weeks and i havent seen no result at all, my HGH levels are really high but doctors say i have no opportunity to grow further, is their anything i could do, continue the exercises maybe, when will i see results????? can you give some advice or your email


    hi Dennis Raney my age is 20 n my height is 5.6 can i grow my legs longer at this age plz reply

  • Bruce

    Can I substitute sprinting with intense stationary high knees? This is for the reason that there is no open space in our place. Will it have the same effect or should I just stick to sprinting? I will greatly appreciate your reply

  • Sophia Yoon

    i was born with my legs shorter than average and my torso is a bit longer than others. Will some of this make my torso longer? Im just trying to get longer legs.

  • HeartAces

    Hey dennis, just bought the book and going to start the exercises:) Would it be a problem if i couldn’t do the stretches or cycling for one or two days? Would it be hard to regain those lost days or something? Thanks

  • HeartAces

    One more question, is it ok to sprint 3 times a day and use ankles every day for 30 mins, but not using the cycling method? Is cycling absolutely necessary for shin growth or just a good addition? Thanks

    • No, you can’t sprint three times a day and expect results. I explained how you should space the sprints in the book if you have it. And cycling was most important for me.

      • HeartAces

        Sorry, I made an eror in explaining, I meant 3 times a week, not 3 times a day, my mistake.
        This is what i am unsure about, if it’s enough to sprint 3 times a week and wear ankle weights 30 minutes per day. Sorry about confusion.