From the time we are born, we are destined to grow to a certain height mainly based on our parents genes.

However, as we grow other factors chip in to redefine our final height destination and such factors largely fall under environmental factors that is if we are born perfectly healthy because some congenital health conditions  may still have a say. More on those later.

From the time you are born, anything you do right that encourages your body to grow will enable your body to grow to it’s full potential and whatever you do that negatively affects growth will retard your growth and you end up being shorter than you should.

It’s extremely important to have a rough idea of how tall you should expect to be especially if you are not comfortable with your height and  you are the type trying to increase your height by manipulating the environment, then you will know what you are up against.

So, how can your final height be predicted?

First of all you need to understand that no single method can be 100% accurate when it comes to height prediction due to factors like genes, nutrition, the environment in which one grows and most importantly, health.


1…The Bone age method

Bone age is a measure of the degree of skeletal maturity of a child, i.e. how far the child has advanced in its development of the skeleton  and normally determined from an X-ray image of the hand.

Bone age is measured in years, most often using the Greulich-Pyle bone age scale.

If a child has bone age 10 years it means that the child maturation is as advanced as the average of the 10-year old children from Ohio in 1930-1940 that were studied by Greulich and Pyle.

Present-day Western-European children mature approx 2-4 months later than the very healthy children studied by Greulich and Pyle, so the average bone age of 10-year-old children is approx. 9.7 years.

The standard deviation of bone age at a given age is approx 1 year, which implies that in a random group of 7 boys of the same age, there is on average 3 years difference between the most and the least mature boy, i.e. the most advance boy has puberty 3 years before the least advanced.

The growth spurt of boys occurs on average at 13.5 years of bone age, and the girls have menarche at bone age 13.2 years, on average.


2..The other commonly quoted formula uses parental height and gender to predict adult height (in inches)

For Men:

(height of mother + height of father + 5 inches/ 13 cm ) / 2

For Women:

(height of mother + height of father – 5 inches/ 13 cm ) / 2

with this formula, your final adult heights will end up at    + or – 2 to 3 inches. Depending on environmental factors.

3..Predicting height from childhood

Professor David Ravine from the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, said: ‘As a rough rule, adult height can be estimated pretty well by doubling the height that was achieved at two years of age.’

 Double a boy’s height at age two or a girl’s height at 18 months.

Most children will reach an adult height within 4in (10cm) of this estimation.

To Sum it up;

If you are like most healthy people, your height is similar to that of your parents, closer to your father’s if you are male, closer to your mother’s if you are female.

Nutrition in-utero and in the first few years of life have an impact on the height a child will grow to.

Also to note, Science shows that height tends to decrease in younger siblings.

  • johncenaandy

    some people grow too taller than their parents and relatives.
    can i be that sort of?

    • Yeah, it happens especially if you are not exposed to the same environment they were exposed to. The Dutch population used to be shorter than the American population but things changed.

  • zhou lee

    Sir, I am 23 years old (male )I wanna buy your book and get ready to follow your routine but before hand I wanna know whether the height I gain would stay permanent or shrink when I STOP the exercises

  • Andrew Komaniecki

    I’m taller thann everyone in my family and I’m 174 centimeters tall.

  • Andrew Komaniecki

    I’m taller thann everyone in my family and I’m 174 centimeters tall.

  • Andrew Komaniecki

    I’m taller thann everyone in my family and I’m 174 centimeters tall.

  • Andrew Komaniecki

    I’m taller thann everyone in my family and I’m 174 centimeters tall.

  • Shalini Yengkokpam

    Please Dennis!! Please reply…
    I’m really into doing the stretching yoga I know & the exercise you’re mentioning regularly to see the result until my next birthday…I’ll be 28 in August 2016… I’m 5″3 & 1/2 inches tall… Daddy’s 5″6 & Mom is 5″1… so is it still possible for me to increase my height by 2/3 inches….I’ll eat good foods moderately too… so please advice me….thank you…

    • Gaurav Gupta

      did you gained few inches?

  • Rizwan Bary

    Hi i am 22 years old and i am a male. I was thinking of buying a suplement of the net. The facts that were given by them on the site was that there no limit to growth for the human body also the body grows till you are atlest 50 or 60 that is cut of line to growth. I wannted to knoe if you could help as i am wanting to buy the product but it is expensive so i would like to know ss much as i could before i buy. Also another thing is it is 100 percent natrul products such as herbs and loses weight aswell as increse hight. Does this priduct seem good if you would like i go send you a link to the page aswell.
    Please reply back i soo neeed help i want to grow tall am onlh 5.5 🙁

    • I don’t endorse any supplements or artificial products because of their potential side effects. That’s why there’s no mention of any particular supplements on this website. Please seek advise from qualified medical personnel.

  • 17sully

    my doctor told me that I was going to be well over 6 ft. Long story short I wasn’t as active throughout most of my teenage years and am currently 19 years old old standing at 6’1″. Do you think with the help of these guides I can still grow taller or am I pretty much done?

  • M. Talha Nasir

    I am 16 years old male and my height is 5ft 6in. Is this height okay for my age and what do you think, how much will I grow more? My mother is 5ft 2in and my father is 6ft.

    • That depends on your location. In some places, males are 5’9″ to 6 ft by 16. While others are late bloomers. If you belong to the late bloomer category, you may add 2 – 4 inches by 25.

  • Dhawanpreet Brar

    Im 18 years old boy having the 5.6ft hieght . And having the beard and mushtaches too. But my height was stopped growing at the age of mid 15 years. My dad had 5.10ft and mom 5.4ft. Is there any hope of growing the hieght?? Plz rply

    • growing a beard doesn’t necssarily signal end of growth. Some males stop growing in their 20’s.

    • growing a beard doesn’t necssarily signal end of growth. Some males stop growing in their 20’s.

  • Usman Younas


  • Vineet Aggarwal

    shouldn’t bone remodelling technique,stress application and torso streching exercises overcome genetic predisposition?In fact why would anyone even try if it’s a genetic lock?Or all the techniques you have mentioned are for those people who have tall genes but haven’t reached their portential yet?Please reply.

    • It will be 1-3 inches above your genetic predisposition.

      • Vineet Aggarwal

        I know pretty annoying to ask but anything more possible?My case is of 5’2″ being genetically predisposed height,so you know how desperately I need 3-4 inches.Any suggestions how to maximize my gains?