Grow Taller After Puberty Exercise Routine To Follow



Being Short Sucks!!

I’ve been there and i still remember what i really went through every day of my life and that’s why i kept seeking height until thanks to my subconscious, i created myself this magic grow taller  exercise routine.

As a matter of fact, whether you’re a short boy or girl, taller people will attract you simply because you see something that you don’t have.

You will avoid public places, whether you are rich or not, and you’ll always lack self confidence among tall people.

There’s always that inner voice that you are lacking somewhere leading to inferiority complex.

It will always be hard to be respected.  All of which is almost impossible to live on with.

So, knowing there’s something you can do about it should be encouraging.

After your puberty years, the body is done with vertical growth and it’s beginning to grow wider so… it requires dedication to increase your height.

One of the best and efficient ways to be dedicated is to have a simple yet  efficient  exercise routine easy to follow regularly just like your daily early morning wake up, shower, have break fast routine.

This will benefit you in many ways.






working out will seem effortless and over time you will enjoy it. in fact you will feel uncomfortable on days you don’t workout.

Secondly, it will permit you to stick on your exercise routine for long enough while increasing your height further at the same time.

Thirdly it will help you to be consistent which will be  very key to your success when it comes to increasing your height after puberty.

When you incorporate lots of exercises in your routine, you will be easily demoralized especially when the results aren’t  commensurate to your efforts or work input which will be enough to force you to miss your workouts very often and before you know it you will have prematurely given up.

You may try the routine i used to kick start your grow taller campaign then after a couple of months if results don’t go as expected, keep trying different exercises until you get that magic routine or formula until you realize what works best for your body, when and how.

At least that’s what i did but do not abdicate!! until you make it. I was just about to give up with frustration after managing to grow only in torso but still with short legs, then thanks to my desperation, i came up with this routine that kept me going.

Otherwise, growth after puberty is real. ln fact many email me just after as short as two weeks in disbelief asking if what they’ve gained will be permanent like  this one ;

My Height at the begin Of  your  Program is 1m77.4 . 

After 30 Days , i measure my height again and i am 1m77.8 

I grow 0.4 cm ( i don’t know if it is permanent results ) . 

It’s good results ? 

The routine i used may  give you a rough guide on creating a perfect routine for yourself especially if you’ve been a ‘hard gainer ‘ for some time having tried to grow with exercises but  in vain.

If you are just starting out, indeed my experience will be handy and don’t hesitate to Contact Me>>>  if you are following the routine i followed and need guidance  .

Below i discuss how i managed to grow and a couple of visitors of this blog have grown at least one two or three inches.

The height increase you gain after puberty through performing stretching exercises alone is never permanent until the bones grow to support it in my experience.

Which is the reason, depending on your daily activity schedule, you need to get a perfect time to slot in the stretching exercises as well as other exercises that you may need to grow taller after puberty on a daily basis until you reach a point when you feel that height gained is somewhat stable.

For Starters if you Are Targeting Backbone Lengthening

Begin with the back bone stretching exercises but you also need to exercise for growth hormones for the best results. Some of these stretches are on this blog so i won’t say much about them for now.

Remember to include the core exercises (preferably immediately after stretching ) in your work out to strengthen the stomach muscles so that your back bone can overcome gravitational pressure which will bring you closer to permanent height in torso.

For Starters if you Are Targeting ShinBone Lengthening

With shin bone lengthening, you need to know that the bone can’t grow without enough growth hormones in the body.

If you are targeting growth in the shin bones, all your efforts should be centered on doing whatever it takes to stimulate the pituitary gland so it releases enough growth hormones for your body to grow because with out enough growth hormones, whatever you do will be a waste of time.

You can perform the stretching exercises for torso, leg lengthening exercises and chaos training exercises in your routine at the same time.

Most importantly, don’t expect your body to initiate another growth spurt long after puberty without conditioning or giving it preparation and this is where many get it wrong.

To do this, you need to do sprints only in the first couple of moths as you stretch your torso before introducing chaotic training exercises.

There are many shin bone lengthening exercises as i explain on the Leg Lengthening Exercises page and all of them do work but not at the same time.
Many folks want to use all the exercises at the same time and when they fail to grow they don’t know what to eliminate. When they grow, they can’t tell what exactly worked and in the long run they can’t continue with all of them in their daily routine.

Find The  Complete Exercise Routine i Successfully Used To increase my height in the book below



Click here For the PDF



Some of key Topics in the 2nd Edition of ebook.

~  Routine for torso lengthening only

~  Routine for leg lengthening only

~  Summary of the Routine I used

~  Common Mistakes to Avoid

~  Nutrition- How to go about it.

~  Scientific Evidence of Micro fractures

~  Ankle weight routine that works

~  Inversion table Routine that works

~  Success Stories

~  Knowing Where you are growing

~  Why your Height isn’t stable

~  And much more…..

In brief, the book is the summary of this blog and the full grow taller program i used.


  • At 17, chances are you are still naturally growing. No need to despair.

  • faizan

    hi niiki, my name is faizan an i m 18 yrs old and my height is 6 ft but i want to grom some incs bcs i m basketball player. and i’m applied in another country but they requirement has 6’3….. plz thats important for me.plz would u help to email this book.
    ([email protected]

  • Cine Troll

    if i don’t estimulate my hgh hormone,the legs tibia exercise never will work on increase height?
    how to stimulate hgh?

  • samkied

    Hey my name is sam im 19 my dad is 5 10 and my mom is 5.4 and im 5 7 i want to gain just 2 inches nothing more do you think your exercises can give me permanent results or i if i stop ill go back to 5.7

  • Ken

    Hello, first off, thank you for this. all of it. I plan on purchasing your ebook soon, and this is amazing. Im 5’4.5 and 17 years old. I just began stretches and such, and i lift and work out regularly. The thing is, is I never really hit a ‘growth spurt’ i actually havent grown in about 2 years… I dont get enough sleep, thats for sure and im trying to correct that (as i type at 1am) but i was just wondering, since you did so much research into HGH, is there any way i can try and kick in a growth spurt? im only 17 so i feel like i got one left in me you know what im saying? anyways thanks a ton, youve given me hope my friend

    • At 17 there’s room for another growth spurt. On the home page i gave a few examples of celebrities who got late growth spurts in their 20’s. So chances are there are more unknowns achieving such late growth spurts.

  • Tony

    Hey i really appreciate you sharing all this information on your website. It’s very motivating. I’ve been doing my own research on height growth for a few months now, and finally came up with my own routine. I started a week ago, and will stick to it for a few months to see what happens. I’ll update you in a few months, and if i do not grow then i’ll buy your ebook and follow it 🙂

  • Q U A C K

    So what i’ve been doing for a few weeks now is a combination of all the spine stretching exercises, neck stretching, jogging & sprinting for at least 1/2 times a week, and generally just extensive stretching exercises, especially for my arms and legs. I also added kicking to the routine. I’ve been trying to keep to a healthy diet and have avoided overeating as well. Moreover, I’ve been getting some sleeping for at least 8 hours every day. Am I doing things right?? I don’t particularly feel like I’m getting taller (so far). However, I’m remaining optimistic about this, strangely enough. Thanks! (19, female)

  • Carlo

    Hey Mr. Raney, I’m only 14 and 5’5”. But my growth has slowed down this past few months. My genes aren’t exactly helpful when it comes to height increase. So, fearing that I might get stuck at this height, I did some research on how to grow taller and came across your program. I’m planning on doing the chaos exercises after I reach the age of 20. I’m just wondering is height increase after puberty with chaos training permanent? Oh and I saw on a site that ab exercises helps posture therefore makes one taller. Does ab training at the age of 14 possibly cause stunted growth? Thanks a lot Mr. Raney, I’ve never been so thankful.

    • If it’s in legs, it is.

      • Carlo

        Thanks for answering so quickly, but umm … does ab training possibly stunt growth. Thank you very much Mr. Raney.

  • Shikhar Bhasin

    Sir i am 20 years old and my height is 5’6 i have been doing yoga since last 6 months but still no change in height occurred. Does i have any possibility of height growth

    • Stretching alone will not make you grow taller there are other initiatives you need to take. It’s a long story that can’t be shared here. I shared everything in the book.

  • Dylan Walker

    Dennis, did you increase your height by a total of 7 inches over a 3 year period? How much of that is permanent?

  • Matt Adams

    Hello, my height is 5’9 and was wondering if it is possible to gain 5 inches from that and if so could you tell me how to increase it and how much time it would take. I am also ready to work hard.

  • Zha Redfield

    I read that the author grew from 5’4″ to 5’11”. I’m now 5’4″ at 19. How old was he when he was 5’4″? What are the chances for me to grow like him or at least a few inches, given that my parents aren’t tall and I’m strictly following the rules?

  • Thank you so much for the tips and not trying to shove pills down my throat!!