Below Are Some Of Your Frequently Asked Questions




Thanks to your articles & the information on your site, I’m planning to throw myself into a plan for getting taller. I’m 33 & from a long line of vertically challenged people on my Mother’s side, & desperately want to add to my 5’6″.
I have a question though, which I’m hoping you may have an insight on.

If height is increased, does the rest of the body grow proportionally in your opinion? I ask as my hands & feet are very small, which would look increasingly preposterous the taller I get!Many thanks for your time & any insight you may have.



I had the same fear when i was starting out but if you increase Growth hormones in your body, every part of your body grows. At 5’4″, i had small figures, feet and short arms but after a year of doing these exercises i all of a sudden realized my feet were growing, then my fingures and my arms too are lengthening. Just don’t give up though you will get tempted. Keep reading the updates i will post about it.


Hi Dennis,

I hope you\’re doing well and managed the blizzard if you are on the East Coat.

Since the week after Christmas, I purchased your e-book and have actively followed your program to increase my height. I\’ve already gained about 1.5\” to stand at 5\’11\”! You wrote that average height people may not have the dedication, but I definitely want to grow above 6\’.

I\’m primarily focused on gaining height in my torso. In addition to stretching routines twice a day, I started to take 90-minute Bikram yoga classes, which allow even deeper stretching. I\’ve also been visiting a chiropractor, who has stretched my neck out with cervical traction and loosened my spine with adjustments. He says there is definitely an issue with my posture that he can fix.

The one area I have not focused on too much is the cycling. I work out with weights 4 times a week and always warm up with 5-10 minutes of cycling with a raised seat, so perhaps that\’s enough?

My question: besides following the instructions in your e-book, are there specific recommendations you can make for my height/goals?

Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible story and the knowledge you learned from it!



It’s encouraging and inspiring to learn that you noticed some success that fast. The only issue with your routine is working out with weights four times a week. Otherwise between the book and the website,i feel i offered all the recommendations unless of course you encounter unique challenges during your workout routine. 


Q 3.

Hi Dennis,

3 months into the program and my feet have grown and hands and my arms have gotten really long, did you experience these before a big height spurt? Thanks

A :

I never noticed the growth in  hands immediately but my feet did grow before my shin bones did.


Q 4.

Hey Dennis,I really want to download your book and i  thought it’s free but any ways either way it’s cheap. Question is can i pay with pay pal?  Please reply


Yes, payments are by paypal. If you have no pay pal account, you may still add your credit card and pay with pay pal. Then a download link will be emailed to you automatically. If you face any challenges with your link, don’t hesitate to contact me for help.


Q. 5

I bought your ebook like one year ago and I never tried this exercise until now, because I want longer legs. I\’m really grateful to you because now with your help I\’m about 2 inches taller and that means a lot to me, my posture improved a lot and now I look slimmer, my neck is very flexible and a little bit longer and of course my spine is more straight I think spine stretching contributed to my height gain mostly and my goal is to gain about another 2 inches but I just want to incorporate cycling exercise, if you know tell me how long should I do it or at least how long does it take for you to finish this exercise?

Thank you so much for your help, I\’m really motivated to do exercises regularly because I know it works and stretching exercises now are part of my life.  Best Regards,

~ Elvinas.


For cycling, what matters is having the right bike and doing it right. And if you do it right, it’s not easy to pedal for so long.  Otherwise, 5 minutes is enough everyday.


Q.  6

I looked all through your site and everything sounds legitimate and I want to do it but my reluctance is in the lack of examples?

Is it possible you could post or send before and after pictures of yourself?

I don\’t mean to come off so skeptical I just want to be sure of what I\’m getting myself into before I go for it.



Many have requested for before and after shots.

Unfortunately all this happened to me by surprise and i never anticipated one day i will have information to share with the globe.

I never took any full photos during the course of these exercises and the ones before i started out are of a completely different person to the present me.

To all I’ve sent my before and after shots, non has believed it is the same me.

5’4″ and 5’11” is like a kid and a man.

Like i said,  every part of my body has changed over the years.  Many think i am using my younger bro’s pictures.

You may not use the information to add 7 inches if it is hard to believe rather use it to add what you may think is feasible.

Let your intuition help you gauge what is feasible and not.

Q. 7

I think I got about 1.2 cm so far… does that sound about right for 3 weeks of cycling? and also x_x really toned legs. Avinash.I’m just under 5,10″ and this is the first program on the internet that is actually working for me.

From my experience there are so many scams and I am very grateful that you are making this information free for everyone.



That is enough achievement to keep you going. Just stick to the routine.


Q. 8

Hi Dennis, I bought the Sunny and Health indoor bike that you recommended. I\’ve been cycling for about an hour a day for just a week and have already gained 3/8 of an inch. The problem is I can\’t adjust the height of the seat any longer and I don\’t think any adjustable seat post is made for this stationary bike. I\’ve been looking around on Amazon and Ebay for anything that would fit this model and there is nothing. Do you recommend that I buy the outdoor Roadmaster and continue with that?


First continue with that until you stop seeing consistent results then go for the Roadnaster. If you still face the  challenge of finding a compatible   stem,  then you may need a welder to customize it for you accordingly.


Hey Denis,  I just notice on your blog that you have a brand new growth routine book! I think its amazing and I know it will be successful. Just letting you know that I think I have gained almost 2 inches. Your routines are awesome so I have to thank you a lot!

kaila w


Q. 9

Hey Dennis what time is the best time to do my sprinting and seat elevated cycling? I usually do it at night because it raises my hgh while I sleep. Oh and by the way after two weeks I have gained a tiny bit of height about 0.5 cm it’s not much but it’s an achievement. Thanks Dennis.

By Kougias.


If you say you gained some height then just stick to your routine it doesn’t have to be my routine.


Q. 10

Hi, just wanted to ask again, I’m 1 and a half months into the program so far I have grown about 0.5 cm through torso height and have been following the routine religiously cycling especially (I set out 4 months as a starter)  I’m getting the sharp pains in my legs and arms and all throughout my body, in your experience how long did it take for you to grow after getting the pains? (I have searched the blog and prgrm for an answer but couldn’t find) Thank you


I can’t be so exact about this because it took me a while to realize that such pain signaled slight growth.

Otherwise after feeling the pain I realized progress between 2 – 4 weeks later.


Q.  11

Hey men , Since 3 weeks now , i do everything you tell me to do : * I Sprints 3 Times a week for increasing only the torso and then i focus on legs . I Avoid weight lifting for now . In 3 weeks i grow only By 0.3 cm . It is a good sign or not ?


After six more weeks what will that be? Remember you were complaining about failure to grow with your routine before i suggested the right path… So just stay positive and keep going pal.


Q. 12

Is 7 inches really possible? And if so how fast could it come? And also if I can all this height will it stay? Or would I have to constantly keep doing it to keep the height? Josh

Well , i clearly demonstrated how you get to 7inches. The height in the neck, legs and chest has been stable for me. However, due to poor posture, i had lost the height in the abdominal area until i introduced abdominal exercises particularly sit ups and that i do every day and it worked wonders. How fast?



Q. 13

Hey Dennis ,

I have a friend who had encourage a second Growth spurt after puberty using similar techniques as yours.
And he saw No results AT ALL for about 3  or 4 months and suddenly he grew 3,5 inches taller un just 4 months ! And He still growing at a slowler rates.
It is something common To see any results for a long Time and suddenly grow very rapidly according To your experience ?


Yeah, it is possible. That’s why i encourage folks to stick to the routine for long.


Q. 14

just a question is it really possible to grow 4 inches in ur legs or is it bullshit ? that’s without injections and so on.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve and There is no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

So whether its bullshit or not is a function of your state of mind.  There’s a link to the page about  role of your brain in the side bar it may help .


Thanks for the information. I\’m Rajib from India. I\’m 27 years old male and I\’m only 5\’2\’\’ . All my uncles are above 5\’10\’\’ and even my brother is 5\’8\’\’. I\’m really very unhappy with my appearance. I\’m following your routine since I read your article. It\’s like 15 – 16 days now and I\’m seeing results.

I\’m very excited. I haven\’t started chaotic training yet, I\’m planning to doing it couple of months later. I have one question to ask: Should I include \”Fasting\” along with short sprints and chaotic training to increase H.G.H? If so, then how do I proceed? I mean like, in what time interval should I go for 24 hour fast? Thanks in advance.

Fasting is not all that important other wise i should have included it in the routine  


Q.  16

Hi Dennis Sir I am Ari Height when started 5 feet 6.25 inches age as of today 24.5+ Student, at home (Self study) First of all i am really grateful to you for bringing such a great hope in my life, believing it\’s all real, Very inspiring 7
inches, god blessed you.

Sir i want to know the following In a week or 10 ten days of doing exercises like cobra, some yoga exercises meant for H.I, along with hanging with ankle weights of 3kgs on both legs, height has increased for more than a centimeter but sometimes i feel less than a centimeter, sometimes even more than that, should i buy stadiometer to measure myself or is there any alternative to measure exactly.(How you used to measure your progress)

Since you purchased the program, Check Pg. 50 for a comprehensive explanation why this happens.


Hey Dennis Raney,

I would like to thank you for this website, this really helped me grow from 170cm(5ft 7) to 175cm(5ft 9) Ive been doing this for 4 weeks. I hope to get to 183 or 180cm anyways THANK YOU

~ Sonny

Q 17
Hey Raney! The month mark is almost approaching for me and it seems I’ve gained about a half inch in height! It appears it is only in my torso, which is incredible. The sprinting is going great as well. Just curious about my shins, I’ve been cycling for 10 minutes every morning but haven’t seen results there yet. I haven’t raised the saddle since I haven’t seen growth yet. But when I started it was very difficult for me to peddle at that height, now it is perfectly natural. Should I keep raising the saddle when it gets natural to ride at that height or wait for the shin growth? Thanks again!
It’s good to hear you are seeing some results in the torso. With leg bones, you have to be extremely patient and persistent. 
They really take forever to transform and in this case begin growing. In fact even when i reached the advanced stage of exercises, i never noticed any progress until about 4 months  of consistent exercising elapsed. And according to research, that’s approximately the time it takes for bones to fully repair from injuries and transform.


Hi Dennis,

I\’m about 2 months into your program and I have seen some growth in my legs. I do feel some pain in my knees and shins from time to time throughout the day but never the same sensation in my backbones. Is this normal or am I not doing something correctly for my torso routines.



It’s normal. If the back is fully decompressed.

Q 19.

Hi dennis. I bought the book about three months ago. one year ago I discovered that website and I began to practice the exercise bike. I have gained 1 inch my shin bones but I noticed that my shin bones stop elongation. I started chaos training and grow my feet but still I could not see the difference in my shinbones. I don\’t know where I\’m doing wrong. My bike seat height 4 cm more than the normal height. is that a problem ?


If you said your feet have grown then you just need to be patient. My feet always grew before noticing a slight growth in my shin bones.

Q 20.

Hi dennis , i am 5 5\” and 30 years old , i have been doing stretching exercises for a month and i hav gained almost 1 inch in my upper body. Now how much more can this be lengthened ?
What will b shape of backbone once straigtened , i mean which part of backbone straightened ?


Just visit … to learn why and how stretching increases height in your back bone.


21`. So I find it a little hard to believe but I’ve seen a clear 6mm gain in a 1 week & a couple of days .I must say this is a rather dramatic result . Im sure this gain is in the shins because Im not doing any spinal routine whatsoever . I basically night jog daily & immediately sit with the weights just as you advised.  unlike  before*  when I used to…..



  • Damion

    Hey I love everything on this page but I had a question I’m currently 18 5ft 10 and wating to add some inches as family members are all taller my mom is 5ft 7 and dad is 6ft 3 in a half I was thinking if I used Jeff’s method remember he was known as the mad man that did chaotic training and slept with 5 lb ankle weight and increased height in legs in 5 mints he was growing very rapidly first off is this story really true second is this safe cause I’ve heard ankle weights can mess up knees also If I did this should I still do the cycling too

    • At times it’s hard for someone to cook up such a crazy story so, it may be true. Adding cycling to this method is fine.

      • Damion

        So then it’s safe to leave them on all night

        • If you can balance a goodnight sleep and them on all night, no problem.


    Hey I am 17 with 170cm,which section should I actually be looking at and how long does it usually take to grow 2 inches? Thanks in advance!

    • That depends on your morphology. Some have longer torso than legs and vice versa.

      • NUBFIGHT4

        I have been doing the exercises in your post “Effective Stretching Exercises to Increase Height in Torso/Back bone After Puberty” except hanging as I don’t have anywhere to do it at home. When is the best time to do these exercises and how long should I invest my time on each exercise?

        • That i can’t explain here due to lack of space but all this information is in the ebook. there’s different time to spend on each exercise. All i can tell you is stretching has to be done everyday.

  • Bro

    other programs recommend preliminary exercises in order to prepare the body for the stress caused by stretching. Is that true? And should I start hanging only if I already have exercised for 3-4 weeks or should I start hanging from the beginning? Thanks!

    • I think preliminary exercises may be needed for more complex stretches. I can’t tell their role since i’ve never tried such programs. The stretches i used are relatively simple even if you are not fit. If you’ve never used hanging, then try it helps to loosen the bottom bones of the back bone which isn’t easy with other stretches.

  • faizan

    i am 18 yrs old and my is 182 cm almost 6ft but i want to gow height about 4-5 incs bcs i m a basketball player me and tell me the better exercise.that would help to achieve my target thank u

  • Margaret rojas

    At 17 are you done growing for a girl. I’m 5’7 and would like to be 5’10 I just turned 17 a month ago are my growth plates closed?

    • Hello Margaret, first a link to your book download was emailed. Just follow the guide, then i’m sure you’ll add the 3 inches.

      • Margaret rojas

        Thank you for replying I appreciate it. I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service.

  • Striver

    Hello! Great website! I want to ask you what is the longest you went without seeing any gain and when did your quickest gains occur? Much thanks!

    • In torso, it took me two to three weeks. In legs, about a month.

  • sherwan

    i cant run out side im running on tradmill can i ?

    • Avoid sprinting on a treadmill for optimal results.

      • Adam rainer

        Oh this answer is obviously clear 🙂 Thanks for making it clear denny. i was almost about to buy a treadmill

  • Nicholas

    Hi Dennis,

    I’m interested but skeptical and more like afraid that it’s scam.
    I’m 5’5 and 28, i’ve been wanting to grow to 6′ since a kid but never could.

    I just hope that this website and the book is real and not a scam to get money.


  • disqus_bX7ppSZ0UL

    Hello, I just wanted to be clear on the routine before I start. Beginning (1-3 months) I’d do sprints every 3 days, cycling everyday and stretches twice a day everyday right and that’s it. Then after I get used to it I add in chaotic training with the weights along with all the things I do at the beginning. What if I still want to maintain my body since I normally exercise (pilates and jogging) for an hour 5 days a week to tone my muscles, do I have to stop doing those exercises or is it okay to continue doing them?

  • roselin himani

    Hey m a 21 year old female just guessing if it will work the same for women?

  • stinzu

    Hi Denis, I love your blog! I’ve read something about not lifting weights when doing the height routine! Well I`m 23 and very muscular. Should I stop lifting weights when I want to start your routine? Will my muscular frame affect my chances of growth? thanks a lot

    • Hello,

      You may lift them once in a week as part of chaos training.

  • Michella

    Hi! I bought your e-book and I am motivated to start the routine on 03/01. I have a question though: I will go on a holiday in march for about 2 weeks. What should I do? Start the cycling/streching routine and then continue during the 2 weeks only with the streching exercises or should I take the indoor bike with me ? I am asking this because I want to start ASAP.

    • You can start immediately with what you have.

      • Michella

        Thank you !!

  • Michella

    Hi! sorry if I ask to many questions, but I want to do everything perfect. How many reps should I do when I perform the cat stretch? and what about the cobra? thnk you:D

  • Taruntej

    hello denis ,. i am just 5.4 , and i was doing the exercises that you have told in this blog for about a month , but i haven’t seen any growth in height instead i can feel by back of torso became very hard , is it normal , can i expect growth

    • The information on the blog alone won’t help much. It’s just basic and supplementary to what is in the book.

  • Akil

    Hi Dennis,

    I have been playing basketball everyday and cycling 3 times a week. I also sprint 3 times every two weeks. I have pain especially in my knee cap because of intense jumbling from basketball! I also do all the stretching exercises and swimming. Can you suggest me a routine that I should follow which includes all the above exercises and games. Also should I rest couple days when I have Jumpers knee or micro fractures in my legs from sprinting?

  • Myles Opdahl

    Can sleeping with ankle weights cause knee issues or knee pain

  • Q U A C K

    Hello again! For the hanging exercise, do i have to use a bar or could I improvise with my bed? It’s one of those bunk beds so it’s quite tall.

  • john

    hi dennis, i was wondering if cycling around the block on my outdoor bike with a raised seat would have the same benefits as the indoor bike

    • You can make your outdoor bike stationary then cycle in place. I told you how on the cycling page.

  • Adam rainer

    Still very appreciate for your suggestions. denny,

    So I was regulating those theories which enable growth in height after puberty i got from your blog.

    What i am thinking about is like,

    as the first step,
    to stretch your body muscles so you can get some spaces for bones to grow,

    and as second step,
    i need to fill and maintain the spaces inducing growth hormone with chaos exercise and nutrients.

    I’ve been ridiculed when im trying to this plan as real, but anyway i found some ways to do from your blog to achieve to grow.

    I’ve contained 4 weight trainings as chaos exercise,
    (push ups, bicycle exercise for abs, squats, gluteus exercise- aimed for whole body muscles) which i will do for 20minuits a day right before lying down in my bed.

    and also planned to do 5 stretching methods which i gained from your blog, for 3 time a day (morning, evening, before sleep)

    and put cycling and sprinting to do morning and late evening.

    those are the things i will do regularily everyday. to have height growth, i already have invested on protein and vitamin supplements 300$ per a month since 1 year ago.

    your suggestions truly inspired me and gave some clear shape what exactly i need to do.
    some people even sneer at me for reason that i hope height gain after puberty’s over. but at least i will do something even if i look ridiculous struggling to gain growth, rather than to be called as weakling manlet.

    thanks alot dennis.

    • Oh, wait a minute. You look determined and your program looks fine but be careful with the way you do the exercises. You need to space the accordingly particularly chaos training. I believe you have a copy of the routine i used. Take it seriously otherwise you will end up chasing your tail.

      • Adam rainer

        Very thankful fast advice. i will take it seriously.

        i don’t want a situation that all of my supplements being absorbed to only muscles.

        i’ve already tried chaotic exercise only with push ups for 20minuits yesterday. but after i’ve done it i thought i might need to reform something to do it with more efficient way. (as you said before, whole body exercise would be profer to induce more growth hormone rather than i do it on only limited muscle parts)

        maybe i need to reform something more. but i just have only one question.

        when you say to space chaotic exercise carefully, is it mean to take a day off completely from chaotic exercise?

        like 6days for chaotic work, and taking a day off.
        doing it for 20minuits a day when you do it.

        or like
        10 minuits for two weight training(push-ups, bicycle move for abs) on a day.
        and the next day, 10minuits for the other weight trainings(squats, gluteus exercise)

        thank you 🙂

  • Roni

    Hi. I wish to start this routine but I am a pure vegetarian . I dont even eat eggs. So to get adequate protein, I plan to drink protein powder in daily basis. Is that OK? And I can’t use inversion table. I am planning to do everything at home. So can’t include inversion table but will do rest of the exercises. And as you said, you need to maintain this routine for a long time. So if I do it for a year and stop it.. Will I lose my gained inches. If yes how long do I need to do this. I am 24 yrs old female

    • There’re plenty more options if you are vegetarian here… . Whatever you grow in legs will be permanent.Otherwise for the torso, you will need to stretch every once in a while. not necessarily everyday.

      • Roni

        OK. Another thing is that I don’t get time to exercise in morning or day time. I can’t exercise both morning and evening daily. So is it OK if I exercise around 9 or 10 pm daily that is 2 hours before going to bed

      • Roni

        Hi Dennis. I am very very eager to start this routine as soon as possible. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I can’t find SF B 1110 exercise bike that you recommended. Plus there are no options to deliver this bike at city. I don’t know what to do now. Can you please give some other bike option which I can easily find in Melbourne. Please reply as soon as possible

  • Adam rainer

    Hi dennis. thanks for your informations for increasing height all the time.

    I am lately starting out chaotic training, surely after reading the full advices in the book.
    But im just having some curiosities about your routine and how did you actually feel when you were committing the plan to grow taller after puberty.

    here are the questions.

    1. In the book, you emphasized to have some rest and spacing chaotic training carefully because our body might can be get used to on chaotic exercise, so they won’t react releasing growth hormone so much as the time first you did chaotic training.

    according that theory, How was is it like when you were in the chaotic training period? i probably guess you might choose to shun hard physical working worrying about that you will ruin the growth hormone stimulating routine.

    actually even before i know about chaotic training, i used to do some pull-ups as some hobby. just with some 6,7 times pulling up when i was doing it.
    maybe it can influence the routine which stimulates growth hormone? i think maybe i need to stop to pull-ups.

    2. How did you cope the pain around the stomach which comes when you sprint so hard and intensively? it always gives me stomachache after that i run intensively

    3. Because of my job(actually some kind of labor working), I walk every day in repeat, and for very long time.

    in your book, you said you found that walking is quite helpful method to get an height increase. So, if you really felt so, How many hours in walking is the most proper to get height growing do you think?

    and could you explain how that actually work?

    in my guess, maybe like sprinting, walking for a long time may broke some very little bone cells in the legs so that can be remodeled as bigger and thickened

    4. Were you in a labor working environment when you were doing the project concerned with height growing?

    Thank you. 🙂 hope i can get some answers from you .

    [And for some reason, i couldn’t contact you by email because the sending email pop-up was not showed up when i clicked /CONTACT/( board. I tried it with 3 different computer but all failed to load email pop-up. please notice this]

  • Roni

    Hi Dennis. Can’t find SF B1110 Exercise bike that you recommended. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Please give me some other bike option that would be easy to find in Melbourne. Is magnetic exercise bike OK? I am planning to buy that

  • Shawn

    Hi Mr. Dennis,
    I’m 5’7″ and looking to increase my height to at least 6′. I’m 16. I have a few questions. I play soccer. Since it’s summer, I’m working to get fit again. I’m starting to do sprints twice a week, and I do heavy dumbbell and bodyweight training.
    1) How much height can I gain in 3 months?
    2) Can your blog be considered a good replacement for your book?
    3) I feel like my physical development is lagging. I weigh 124 pounds at 12% body fat. How can I increase my hgh and testosterone to maximize my height and weight gains?

  • clint buckley

    Hey Dennis
    iv been doing this routine for about 3 months now. iv raised the seat on my bike at least 2 inches so my legs have stretched! But when i measure myself i cant see any height gain… is that pretty common? or am i doing something wrong?


  • duke

    Seven seas cod liver oil good or bad. And what kind of nutrition do i need.

  • Thủy Tiên Phạm

    Hi Mr. Dennis, I bought your ebook but I tried downloading the content the first time, it didn’t work. As stated in the email, three unsuccessful downloads will expire the link. I am so afraid that it would happen as I really don’t know why I could not download the file as my Internet network is still fast. Could you please check it again and email the ebook to my mail?

    • You were supposed to download on your computer not mobile. I will resend link shortly.

      • Thủy Tiên Phạm

        I used my computer to download but it did not work. Could you please check the order from my mail and resend it?

  • Thủy Tiên Phạm

    Hi Mr. Dennis,
    I bought your ebook but could not download it. As stated in the email, 3 unsuccessful downloads will expire the link. It is said that the fault in downloading was due to a ban from the server. Could you please recheck it and send the ebook to my email because I really do not know what’s wrong and I am afraid that my link would be expired.

  • kumud anand

    Im kumud from india im 22 yrs and my height is 56 i want to increase my height to min of 510. is it possible to achieve that height after puberty by doing yoga stretches and following your book. reply me .

    • Stretching alone won’t make you permanently taller.

  • kumud anand

    dennis im doing yoga stretches for 3 weeks know and i have pain in my spine is it indication of growing?

  • kumud anand

    Dennis im planning to buy your book from kindle. my question is your book from kindle is same as yours or not.can i buy your book from kindle.

    • Yes,the content is the same it’s only the formatting that is different because the other one is kindle version.

  • lisa312

    I realized that many of the people who have experienced good results from your plan are male. I am a female who is 5’6 and wants to be 5’9. Will I be able to get the same results or are growth hormones less effective in females than males?

    • That i can’t definitely guarantee you. But it’s not true that growth hormones are less effective for females than males. The alpha male factor may have a role to play though.

    • That i can’t definitely guarantee you. But it’s not true that growth hormones are less effective for females than males. The alpha male factor may have a role to play though.

  • Yes,something tells me my growth spurt is abnormal but only if i meet my old pals who used to be taller than me three yrs ago and now way taller than them. I have watched my progress month in month out so i only get shocked when i have a full view in a mirror. I am lucky i knew about growth plates getting fused but my desperation was over whelming that i focused more on the positive side of success stories than negative of plates being closed so i went for it with a positive open mind. At 5’10 you can’t understand what it means to be an adult standing at 5’4″ and avoiding public places that is why there is plenty of room for skepticism in your mind.


    Hey ur blog is ĐAM good nd filled wit super info.. bt i want to u to ans a Q. Im 17 yrs nd my body stage is dat i m dealin wit gynecomastia high estrogenic effects u may know. Nd i need ur help in dis. So how can i grow my height in this condition, is it possible, ive read ur blog nd know all the factors bt in dis condition im confused. So get me thru dis BRO..

    • Please visit an endocrinologist. He will be in a better position to help you regarding that condition.

    • Consider visiting an endocrinologist. He will be in a better position to help you regarding that condition.

  • HelloItsSTRANGER

    Im 14 yrs old AND im about 5’8 feet tall(is this ok).My father is 6.3 feet tall and my mother is about 5’6.How tall i can get?(max height)

    • Are you male or female? Follow the recommendations on the height growth during puberty page in the side bar.

      • HelloItsSTRANGER

        That Was Fast…
        Anyway I am Male.Also I Think 5.6 feet Is Average Height In My Class.

  • nisha

    why am i shrinking ,my age is 17,that means ,is is no way to grow?
    i do some exercises to grow taller and my current height is 149cm ,is it normal at this age

    • Why are you shrinking?

      • nisha

        🙂 that’s my doubt , i don’t know thats y i asked you 🙂

  • Vineet Aggarwal

    I want to ask that I am not getting any road/park to sprint at night for chaotic,should I do it on the treadmill?Instead can I go for sprint in evening like 5-6 hours before sleep,skip dinner so that insulin is not released and then sprint on treadmill and then wight lifting?Asking only for day of chaotic training.

  • Romeo Santana

    If you workout with weights about three times a week will it work affect your height lengthening?

    • If you’ve the book, i noted why you shouldn’t workout with weights more than twice a week and how you should space weight lifting accordingly.

    • If you’ve the book, i noted why you shouldn’t workout with weights more than twice a week and how you should space weight lifting accordingly.

  • Aiden Smakhop

    I bought your book, i’m 21 years old guy probably still in the puberty age.
    If I did the dry swimming stretch(Twice a day), hanging(Twice a day),
    push ups(Twice a day), sit ups(Twice a day), spine arcing, cycling and ankle weights. getting the nutrition and sleep time. Would that be enough?