How Does Poor Posture stunt your body and reduces height ?

Posture can be explained as  a dynamic pattern of reflexes, habits, and adaptive responses to anything that resists you being more or less upright and functional, such as; Gravity and Awkward working conditions, which may be unavoidable.

The ways  we sit, stand and walk are among the strongest of all habits and these habits may have a lot to do with your personality  — thus,  changing your posture may be just as difficult as quitting smoking.

Below are the different ways poor posture will Affect your Height



Human standing posture is the result of balance between spine and pelvis

You may  never realize that the way they stand can have an impact on the spine forgetting that the legs supstandingport the entire body.

You  may  get low back pain when standing in one position for a long time. When you  stand for long periods, the muscles that support the body tire and relax.

However, when you  stand in a relaxed way, the lordosis (excessive curvature in the lumbar portion of the spine, which gives a swayback appearance.) may become excessive and the low back hangs in an extreme position.




Good sitting posture should minimize the negative effects of prolonged sitting in our strength, flexibility, and balance.Sitting posture

When we try to actively sit in a good posture we are actually engaging core muscles that are important in stabilizing the body in static and dynamic conditions.

“Sitting well” involves the following:

~   Keep your feet flat on the floor (not stretched out in stools or hanging over the edge of your chair).

~   Keep your hips and knees at the same level or your hips slightly higher.

~    Keep your shoulders over your hips (not leaning forward or back).

~    Roll your pelvis forward to create a normal arch in your low back (right above your pelvis) and slightly lift your chest.

~    Pull your shoulder blades gently back so that your shoulders are not rounded forward.

~     Try to keep your ears over your shoulders and avoid sticking your head forward.~Maintain a relaxed breathing pattern.



No matter what position you lie in, the cushion should be under your head, but not shoulder area, and should be a width thatproper sleeping posture allows your head to be in a normal place.

Sleep on your back with a flat pillow case under your legs. This will position your backbone properly and avoid any back pain sleeping in a curved position. Raising your knees and feet a little bit will help the brain get more oxygen wealthy blood. The greater amount of fresh air that the mind gets the higher the energy you will have to help yourself grow during rest.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthier, rich and wise”. Be in  equilibrium with nature. The further we distance ourselves from nature the more we become disappointed and out of contact with ourselves.