chaos Training and Human Growth Hormones secretion



Craig BW, Brown R, Ever hart J. from US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health observed that weight lifting or strength training can induce growth hormone and testosterone release, regardless of age, but that the elderly response does not equal that of the young.

Chaos training exercising   is performing intermittent weight training repetitions to the point that muscles are exhausted enough that   they can’t be moved though this happens fleetingly.

This form of training is closely linked to increased production of growth hormones  as well as testosterone in the body.

When five normal male volunteers performed two intermittent weight lifting exercises of equal total external work output and duration (20 min)  the results suggested that intermittent weight lifting exercises  are determinant factors in the regulation of plasma GH levels 1 ].

The major aspects of Chaotic training are that exercises should be brief, sporadic, and intense performed with a high degree of determination. 

The best time to do these exercises is late evenings moments before bed.

Why is This Timing Perfect ?


~  After performing these exercises, you will feel so exhausted – a recipe for REM sleep.

sleep researchers have predicted that sleep duration, total sleep time, and  slow wave sleep would be higher in physically fit individuals than those who are unfit and higher on nights following exercise.


~   If you are the type who goes to bed and struggle to get sleep, on the days you perform these exercises, sleep will not be a problem.


~   In fact, usually when you exercise, you  fall asleep faster, have deeper sleep, wake up less often, and feel less tired during the day.


~   This prediction is based on the “compensatory” position, which suggests that “draining  daytime activity (like  exercise) would most likely result in a compensatory increase in the need for  nighttime sleep, thereby facilitating recuperative, restorative and/or energy conservation processes .


~   Your body recovers more efficiently when sleeping than when you are awake.


~   Combine the need to recover your muscles and REM sleep. Both factors will force your body to release enough growth hormones.


The Combination of chaos training Exercises To increase Growth hormones release


Such exercises may include a combination of 3- 5 exercises performed intermittently.

Exercises that involve many muscles such as sprints and the shoulder fly weight exercise will be efficient.

There is an inverse relationship between how intensely and how long one can exercise.

As a result, high intensity workouts are generally kept brief.

After a High Intensity workout, as with any workout, the body requires time to recover and produce the responses stimulated during the workout, so there is more emphasis on rest and recovery. So if you don’t space these exercises accordingly, less and less G.h will be released . This i found out after doing chaos training everyday and ending up in failure.

You may read more about Chaotic exercising including a set of exercises that is efficient, the appropriate spacing between these exercises and how they increase growth hormones production in the book

Click here To download the PDF 


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  • Mike

    Hello Dennis,

    Very excited to start. Before i start the routine i have a few questions. I am already active with weight training. I work out for about an hour 3-4 days a week, lifting until muscle failure for around 4 exercises at 3 sets each. I’m still learning how HGH is best released, and i think i’m going to start taking less rest in between workouts, and increasing intensity to achieve reaching the lactate threshold. My question is, If i did the sprints followed by my current workout routine, will this be too much? Keep in mind i will only do the sprints every 3rd or 4th day like you say, so i wont be doing them on every weight lifting day. Do you recommend keeping my own routine as the chaos routine? I don’t want to overdo it. Also i work on the whole body throughout my routine, so should i stick to just the dumbbell exercises?

    I have an inversion table, still trying to get the bike (Shin growth is my main priority). What are your thoughts on maybe doing the sprints after my workouts, then straight to the bike and inversion table capped off with the stretches? My diet is already well balanced so no worries there, although i drink coffee and an amino acid pre workout drink with caffeine. I have heard caffeine may hinder HGH, what are your thoughts? And i know i am asking a lot of questions but last one, how often should i have carbs like grains, potatoes, veggies etc.

    Thank you for your book it has already opened my eyes to what is possible.
    Your reply is appreciated.

    • Hello Mike,

      for elaborate questions like this please use the contract link in the book to receive comprehensive answers in your email. Then you can ask any question in the email.

      To answer your questions;

      – Sprints are part of the routine but you either do them alone without weight lifting at beginner stage or do them with weights as explained in the book at advanced stage. It will be too much if you do them on separate days because they are chaotic themselves.

      -Working on the entire body is more effective because like i said, the more the muscle groups involved, the better. As long as the entire workout doesn’t exceed 10 minutes.

      – The order you do the leg and torso stretching exercises doesn’t count much. It all depends on how much free time you have.

      – Yes, caffeine affects blood gh if taken in large quantities on a daily basis.

      – Carbohydrates too have a role to play in the growth process so it’s important to have them throughout your meals though vegies, fruits and proteins are very important.

  • akash

    Will fasting increase gh in our body

    • Yep, it does.

      • akash

        But then how will our body get enough nutrients for growth if we go fasting for long time??

        • Fasting increases gh in the body but it‘s not the only way and most efficient. There is a link in the side bar of this page that covers other factors that influence the release of growth hormones in the body.

          • akash

            Hey Dennis,
            Does your book contains the exact work out schedule and deit followed by you??
            And I am about to be 19 in couple of months and my height is 6″6.5 I wanna increase 2-3 inches to my height. Can I achieve this target in 3-4 months by following your diet and exercise plan?

          • That’s exactly what it’s about. Is that 6ft 6.5″ ? You want 7ft? Well, i think age is on your side.

          • akash

            Oops sorry its 5″6.5. and by the way many people said that height doesn’t increase after 18 so there’s no way that I can increase my height. So should I still try to add couple of inches to my height or should I stop making effort?

          • Link to the page about role of the brain in the side bar to learn how to manage your negative thinking.

          • akash

            Does skipping rope helps in height increase?

  • Damion

    Hello I just first off want to say I love all of the ideas that you have listed on your page and book , I be taken hgh releasing workouts such as sprints ,jumping ,side kicks , short burst sprints ,hanging vertically from bars , all of the grow taller stretches , cycling with raised seat , ab workout, and a little song motivation to try and boost my height ,but my question is with the hanging with this make you tall permanently or just temporarily and also does the bike with raised seat take a long time to see results Ig you could reply and say it depends on the individual which would make sense also can you over work your self I say that because I have no off days everyday after school I go straight to the gym I’m currently 18 and 4 months and I’m 5 ft 10 I also take magnesium zinc and vitamin d3 supplements after workouts do you think these will help lengthen or only make my bones grow horizontally … Thanks for your time

    • My height from stretches kept rolling back and forth until my bones grew with increased gh. I say this because i noticed growth in all the bones of my body. Otherwise at 18 standing at 5’10”, Chances are you may make 6ft by 25.

  • Zak Ali


    Great site. Got a few questions tho.

    I am a 5’6 male at 18 years old. If I follow the stretches on this site consistently everyday…. How many inches can I achieve realistically? 2 inches maybe?

    And how much with added chaotic training?

    • Ofcourse many factors come into play but it will take about 2-3 months to add 1-3 inches in the torso. Legs take much longer with the aid of chaos training. Persistence and consistence are very key here.

      • Zak Ali

        Interesting. Thank you.

        Where can I get your book?

  • Ajay watson

    dennis raney, only one doubt, which time is best for inversion table hanging

  • sambasiva

    Hello Dennis

    my height is “5.2” But my brother height is “5.10”.I don’t why shorter then my age is 22 now is there any possibility to increase my height .could you please give me tips for me. I’m planing to bye some marketing product like “step up”is it good or not.please help me to increase my height .

  • johncenaandy

    hi dennis im 14 and i am 5.9 feet .i have stopped growing and attained puberty.
    will i grow 4 inches tall with weight exercises

    • Boys continue growing up to 17 to 25 yrs. This page may help.

  • johncenaandy

    i have checked the page many times before .my parent and no one in my family are above 5.9 feet ,does my genes also decide my growth because from 1 and a half years i have not grown tall.

  • johncenaandy

    why do boys stop growing after early puberty?
    i have stopped growing since 2 years ,is it because of lack of stretching exercises and sleep .

  • Shalini Yengkokpam

    Hello Dennis!! I’m just new here and have become your fan… I’m someone who’s insecure about my own height… I’m 27 yrs old girl and 5″3half inches tall and weigh 50 kg… I don’t need to be that tall but I want to be atleast 5″6′ or 5″7’…. I know a few stretching exercise like you have mentioned but I don’t do it regularly… if I do cobra, cat and other neck stretching yoga plus early morning walk regularly for a year with good balanced food, then will I be able to have 5″6 / 5″7 in a year or may be just 5″5… I’m just so desperate to have it.. please just something & I”ll remain thankful…

    • Not really, stretching alone won’t give reliable results.

    • Hello, if you want guidance with the exercise routine either use the contact link above then iwill respond via email or the ebook will help otherwise i can’t say much here due to space.

  • xX_Winter_Xx

    Hey, I am 12 years old, currently around 5’1 I’m not sure I haven’t measured myself. My mum is 5’2, my dad is 5’8. My eldest sister,20, is 4’11..My other sister,16, is 5’0. My brother,14 nearly 15, is 5’3/5’4. My mum’s side is tall, as my three uncles are tall. Around 6’0. My dad’s side isn’t very tall. I have always went to sleep quite late, but yesterday I went to sleep at around 12, but woke up at around 11..and grew an inch. I normally don’t grow. But I just started the beginners, I sprinted around my room for about 10 mins, then I hung upside down for about 10 mins as well. I don’t have a bicycle, and never really go out cycling. So I just lay on the floor and moved both of my legs in circular motions. I stood up and did feel tall and streched and I stood against my mirror where I have black markings and I grew a tiny tiny bit already 🙂 Can you give me any tips? I am pretty short in my class, everyone is at least 5’3. I want to be at least 5’6 :]

    • Visit…

  • Sam Acula

    Hi, Im 16 years old, Male. Im 5’6 and my height stopped when i was 14, so I got scared. I have my role as a thrower in our athletics club. My leg are short in my opinion because whenever I sit beside my 6′ friends, we seem to have the same height. But when he stands up he looks down on me. Can my leg be lengthen even lifting weights? Or should I just quit?

    • Body building when you are still in puberty may stunt your body.

  • Bruce

    Hi! I’m an 18 year old male. I do basketball for an hour and also do hiit. Do you think i should do them on the same day? Bc i did it a lot of times & wasn’t very successful. What do you think?

    • Contact me by email if you have the program, you may require a more elaborate answer.

  • Kevin

    Hi Dennis what are other types of Chaos training other than weight lifting? Also when I lift weights, I use a 15lb dumbbell and just do normal single dumbbell workouts. Is there a specific way to do it? If so, how many reps?

  • EdGarcia

    ahm sir can this will work for me im 17 ??


    Hello Dennis! I’m just new here and have become your fan… I got new hope I’m someone who’s insecure about my own height… I’m 22 yrs old girl and 5″2 inches tall and weigh 48 kg… I don’t need to be that tall but I want to be at least 5″6′ or 5″7′. I want to know is it increase my height ? i want to buy your e book but in that mention that for boys..please provide some solution
    thanks in advance..

    • The book isn’t for boys, even females can use it too though some exercises can easily be done my males than females. I have been receiving emails so just keep trying the contact form because some questions need elaborate answers. Your email will be through and i will answer your questions.

    • The book isn’t for boys, females can use it too though some exercises can easily be done my males.

  • amin khan

    Hi rainey can i sprint first as gh stimulator/chaotic workout coz i’m still 19..i think i dont want use weightlifting yet as chaotic..Maybe soon..Is it ok?

    Anyway this page is awesome

  • Edward Faruk Khan

    Hi Denis,I’m a 20 years old boy.I’m 5 feet and 1 cm tall..I’m 43 kg weigh.My father is 5 feet and my mother is 4 and 11 inches…..I haven’t buy Your book yet…but I will do it tomorrow from if I follow every rule strictly u have mentioned in your book for 2 years….how much can I hope???? plz replay and suggest me…..u r my hope…I will pray for u….

    • That will depend on many factors mainly your genes and efforts otherwise all factors constant, 2 – 3 inches is possible.

  • Edward Faruk Khan

    Can I get 6 inchecs more naturally ???????…..Does ILIZAROV surgery has any risk?

  • Vatsal chaudhari

    Hello dennis,
    i read your articles, i m 21 year old, can i increase my hight this way ??
    And suppose my hight increase, then it is parmenent or temporary ??
    And it is temporary then what do to maintain long time??
    Give me helpful reply ..bcz its most important for me..
    My email. [email protected]

  • amin khan

    Hey dennis..i’ve followed your routine for about a month..i’ve gain about an inch..from 168 cm(5’6) to 170 cm(5’7) but i dont purchase your book.I just followed all the routine from this blog.Is it ok?should i buy your book?Anyway i’ve understand your growth principal from this blog.To grow,we must have enough growth hormone.This can achived with enough sleep and enough diet.Strength/[email protected] training a.k.a chaos training and sprinting is beneficial for trigger growth hormone followed up by neck,chest,back,abs stretching for torso,cycling and ankle weight for leg.We must do chaos training 3 times weekly and the best time is in late evening before bed,Stretching exercise for torso likes hanging,dry swimming etc and cycling,ankle weight for leg suggested to do everyday.That’s what i’ve understand from your blog.Should i continue my routine without purchase your book?Thank you

    • Just keep ding what you’re doing. Otherwise if you think you will get one or two tips to help you achieve more from the book, then you may get it as well. At least you know it’s possible.

      • amin khan

        Thank you..what is the best time to measure height

      • amin khan

        Hey..what is the most accurate time to measure height
        On Feb 10, 2017 6:57 PM, “عبد الرحمن أمين abdrahmanaminofficial” <

  • Chelizy

    Hi Dennis,
    Is Chaos training the same as HIIT?

  • Hitesh Joshi

    Hey dennis
    i m 16 Years old and my height is 5ft 3inches and i want to increase my height Upto 5.5 within a month. Is it possible? If possible then please tell me some exercises and perfect time to do that. And if not then also please tell me some exercises. My all friends are taller than me. I feel very embarassed due to my height please help me to get my confidence back.

    • A month is a short time to gain 2 inches.

    • You’ll grow but a month is a very short time to gain 2 inches.

  • Student Gbpec

    Hi my boyfriend is going 21 and 5’4 he has has not grown even an inch since he was 16 he tried hanging but it didn’t work his father is5’9 and mother is5’5 all his family members are tall he is also the elder sibling
    Can he still grow and if so what routine should he follow
    Should it be sprinting ,exercising ,skipping ,ankle weights and then sleep? Is it the right order? And what should be his diet

    • Hello, it will be better if your boyfriend takes the initiative. Otherwise he has the potential to grow taller.

      • Student Gbpec

        Thans for ur reply it means a lot to me.I just wanted to request you for a workout routine he should follow daily (like sprinting ,cycling,skipping etc and in which order) to get good results and the diet.also is intermittent fasting good for him?What time is good for workouts morning evenings or just before sleeping

        • Get him the PDF for the full workout routine to follow. It will solve everything.

        • The complete workout routine is in the PDF.

        • find the complete workout routine in the PDF.

  • Hello Dennis, First of all I would like to thank you very much in order to posting this kind of valuable information, I’m very excited to start before start I have some question in my mind. I am already active with weight training. I work out about an hour 3 to 4 days in a week until completely failure my muscle. I still want to learn some new activities because I’m very excited towards my fitness, I’m doing only sprints 3 to 4hr in a week I think this too much so I would like to some your suggestion so my question is this do you recommend keeping my own routine as chaos routine? I am also doing dumbbell exercises. I’m very optimistic to your reply my question and one beneficial suggestion I will get to you so thank you once again.

  • Victor

    Hi Dennis

    I am very interested in purchasing your ebook and have read many of your articles[great fan of your research], but before I buy your book I would like to know how much height I can gain from your programme.

    I am currently 6ft 1in at 15.8 years old and hope to be at least 6ft 4in for my basketball tryouts in 10 months i would like to know if this is an achievable target following your programme. Of course more height is better but 3 inches would be a good target I feel. I should also tell you that my father is 5ft 10in and my mother is 5ft 2in and my 18 year old brother is 5ft 10in. I believe due to my weight lifting [4 days a week]and good nutrition I am taller than my brother and this is also why I don’t expect to gain massive height as I feel I have already considerably got close to my maximum height.

    Anyway, how much taller do you think could get within these 10 months based on these factors using your programme

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Many thanks ,victor

    • At 15 you don’t need the book. You are likely to reach your targeted height by 25.

  • hamza

    hey brother i am doing height exercise since 2014 i have grown over 9 cm confirm height i got your blog year ago its quite impressive than all other purchasing books i read about grow taller idiot super massing insta height etc your blog is well managed and the one who got doubts about height increasing after puberty i am giving my experience as i am 22 now

    • Wow.. that’s close to 4″. That’s inspiring Hamza.

      • hamza

        yeah brother thank you for everything your site helped alot 🙂

  • new movies vv

    Hi Dennis!! I’m 31 yrs old nd a female.. Obviously you know wat I want to ask is can I grow my height at this age..pls answer…