the Role Played by your Brain in increasing Height After Puberty

I feel humbled when writing or talking about this intricate yet  powerful organ called the human brain  and   as a matter of fact, you can’t afford to ignore it when trying to  achieve your desire in whatever discipline.

To highlight the intricate nature of this organ, you need to know that the human brain has two functioning departments That is;

The conscious and subconscious. Use an iceberg as an example to separate the two departments. The visible portion above water being the conscious section and the part below water being the subconscious .

The different roles played by the two sections of the brain are discussed further below


The Conscious Section

In brief , the conscious section is the one we consciously use to think freely and create new ideas.

Many sources suggest it accounts for 10% of the entire mind power.


The Sub conscious Section

This is a wider section of the mind operating involuntarily where memorirole of subconscious in height increase es, life experiences and instincts that automatically influence our day to day behavior are stored.

Your subconscious mind can be compared to a fertile land, which if you choose to abandon grows weeds and becomes bushy but if you choose to make it productive by planting seeds in it, the seeds will germinate into fruit bearing plants.

The weeds are the negative thoughts that cause fear, doubts and pessimism about our lives and naturally the mind is full of these negative thoughts.

For example,  You may have doubts  about your appearance and abilities which will definitely affect your confidence and those are the fruits of negative thinking

but if you choose to look at only the good things about your appearance or think differently about your abilities then you will be more confident, fear less  and more productive and that’s the power of positive thinking.

It takes self-control and a lot of commitment to weed out this negativity until it becomes a habit to be positive about life.

You will have to keep away from pessimists and unproductive friends for good if you want to live a happy life. The positive thoughts are in fact just forced into the brain by way of imagination, autosuggestion and meditation. More on that later.

Our minds are capable of remarkable, incredible feats, yet we don’t use them to their full capacity So, your journey to height increase, economic prosperity, academic success, name it will begin with your brain and that’s why we are fully responsible for our earthly destiny.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton former professor of medicine at Stanford University, the new science of epigenetics has shown that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment.

This means that we can change many things about the way we are, including our health and in this case height by changing how we interpret events and situations which happen to us because it was formerly believed by science that it is our genes which dictate our traits – that our genes form who and how we are.

If you  are positive in  everything  about your life , you will  start living a healthier and better quality life, regardless of  your genetic makeup.

A new attitude, positive or negative, will send new messages to the cells in our body and may  actually reprogram their health and behavior.

It may  even change cellular structure, turning diseased cells into healthy cells.

You can’t do a thing to change your past or the fact that you were born poor, or short but you can manipulate your brain to change your future or your fate.

I remember when i was still standing at 5’4″ emotionally telling my self loudly while thumping my chest that “I have to die a tall person”.

And maintained only positive thoughts about increasing height though results weren’t going my way at some point.

Years down the road look at what happened. At 5′ 11″ I don’t consider myself short anymore.

The subconscious will keep providing  you with the hunches, guiding you  on steps to take to achieve your  goals and be quick to act on these hunches.

If you mix desperation with faith that you will achieve something, somehow you will. So, your affirmations have to be mixed with emotions.

You have to imagine your self 2 – 3 inches taller with either longer legs or torso and this will be a true test of your faith. If you fail to imagine, then simply put, you don’t have enough belief or faith. Chances are high it won’t work.  Imagination is very key here. If you can dream about it, better.

I’m not here to preach and i never believed in miracles but once i learn’t how the brain functions, i now understand why even the bible stresses the criterion of faith for miracles to happen.

It’s all about manipulating your brain and it doesn’t have to take a pastor.


Sovale had this to say…..


Hi Dennis!
congratulations on your height increase. its truly awesome and inspirational.
i wanted to ask you if you tried using law of attraction or hypnosis for height increase. i read the testimonial of angel on your website and it was jaw dropping. did you try the mental methods and see any changes?
one more thing, this site was started quite some time ago so have you increased some more? which exercises did you find were the most beneficial and efficient?
i am 18 years old and i just grew 1 inch in one month, all with the power of my mind. My doctor had told me that i was done growing and that no further growth would take place. He told me that my growth plates had fused. That was 2 months ago. I remember that i came home and cried that day. But i decided that no matter what, i wasn\’t going to stay short. And in one month, i have grown from 165 cm to 169 cm. And i am certain that i am going to grow taller and taller until i reach my dream height, 189 cm.

If you haven’t come across any story of people who increased their height by manipulating their brain, Check this out ….

  • sudheer


  • sudheer

    so, initially what should i do for gtting 2 inches taller?

  • Belief123

    Yes, believing is power. What ur mind believes and conceives it will achieve

  • Thuyhien

    Hello Dennis. I really appreciate your blog since it contains many useful and motivating infomations. I intend to follow your suggestion to keep my mind positive and do some exercises. I wonder if i can combine cycling, swimming, jogging and hanging to get 2 inches taller in a year. I will swim 3 days a week and walk in a park 3 days a week too. For cyling and hanging, i will do daily. Please tell me wether my plan is logical and can i reach my goal. I am 17 years old and im a girl. I didn’t get any taller for 2 years. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much.

    • Hello,

      Most females tend to be successful with an inversion table. otherwise your work plan isn’t that bad but you will need to apply more tips on the home page here……

      • yunjaeminwook

        Thanks for your reply, Dennis. What do you mean by saying that my work plan wasn’t that bad? Do I need to make any changes to get best results? And I have read everything on your home page. I don’t have enough money to buy an inversion table and that’s why I choose hanging insteed. Please tell me what do you think about my work plan in details, and what do I have to apply more or less as I will stick up with it for a long time patiently to get taller. Thank you very much, Deninis.

        • Without wasting much time, if you need to create yourself a perfect work plan to stick to for a long time, i advise you to start by getting thepdf copy of the routine i used successfully if you haven’t and try to eliminate the mistakes i outlined in the book otherwise you will end up chasing your tail.

  • Mojo

    Hi Dennis… Does a person be able to grow even at d age of 23?? Bcz I am a male at dt age n I really want to increase my height.. Living in a tall family wit a short height is nothing short of being an embarrassment… So i try to b positive but I really need to knw

  • zhou lee

    Hi Dennis, I’ve been following your routine since three months, I could see result in the first month but later I don’t see any result even though I am following the same exercises I did in the first month except going to bed without food. And I was wondering if the height I’ve gain will stay permanent or lose when I STOP the exercises. I need your advice or suggestion
    Thank you.

  • The Architrek

    Hi. I just came into your blog and found it interesting because i feel I am short. I am 26 now and only 5’6″. I want to be 2″ taller or more. I have been hanging using the door pull-ups, and doing exercises like sit ups to strengthen my torso, yoga, stretching, and jogging for 6 months now at 3x a week. Do I still have a chance? Thanks!

    • You have a chance but stretching alone won’t take you far. You still need growth hormones, improved nutrition, sleep and to take other initiatives.

      • The Architrek

        I’ve been researching about HGH and found out that they need prescription and will definitely cost significantly. Will there be results in 6 months?

        • You don’t need artificial GH. Link to pages about growth hormones in the side bar of this page.

      • The Architrek

        Thanks for the prompt response by the way.

  • Ali

    i love the angel’s story.. i hope i will become like her and grow taller…