About Me…..



Hey there, my name is Raney the author of

It’s a website that i hope will grow into one of the most popular sites for any one who wishes to add an inch or two to their vertical stature naturally at ay age.

Height increase after puberty is a very controversial topic but i assure you it’s possible otherwise it wouldn’t have been that popular.

Being short physically and psychologically distresses the individual who’s short though it may not be manifested on the outside and no one may realize the pain you go through…. If you are short you know what i mean.

Having experienced this distress myself and somehow managed to get out of it, i felt motivated and determined to give hope to any one vertically challenged by creating this blog.

I tried so many grow taller programs and trust me, it was frustrating not to see results as promised or expected.

Just like any person, i never believed that growth after puberty was possible and after failing to see convincing results after trying  a couple of programs i had every reason to give up.

But just like the saying “In Every Adversity there is an Opportunity” , at 5’4″ i had no choice but to  try it on my own.

Years down the road, persistence paid off when i finally put together a couple of exercises that formed the exercise routine that i strictly followed and consistently results came my way.

What i drew from all this is that no single program can guarantee everyone height increase after puberty simply because our bodies, environmental conditions and genes are different.

It’s very relieving to feel a normal human being  just by standing same height as your average person.

I used to stand at 54″ so i know how you short people out there feel. I’m currently standing at 5′ 11 ¼” and hope one day i will make 6ft..

I know some of you are now thinking – ‘but 5’11” is enough ‘  but here in Canada and other places of the world i travel,  at 5’11” i am dwarfed by many males.

So, i hope that the experiences and knowledge i share on this blog will directly or indirectly aid anyone who wishes to increase their height during or after puberty.

I’m truly committed to offer any form assistance  just to help you make it to your dream height so please feel free to contact me on face book or email me any time if you face any challenge or have any questions.

Remember that you deserve to live your dream life on this planet and the ball is in your court to make that happen.


∞  Wishing you success in your quest for height.  ∞