I have good news for you if you feel vertically challenged and wish to add a couple of inches to your vertical stature (height) !

It’s very possible to naturally increase your height after puberty or after 18, 19, 20 or even 25 years with exercises to grow taller  if you’re steadfast, and i guarantee you 1 – 2 inches if you follow an exercise routine and techniques like the ones i used in the book below to the tee.

I used to be where you may be right now or even worse. But only patience and no other short cuts will permanently give you the joy of being a couple of inches taller naturally after puberty.

So before wasting your money on grow taller pills, supplements and other products , please give these all natural, almost absolutely risk free and no cost grow taller techniques (that have taken me out of the “short”bracket ) a chance especially if you are past puberty stage !

With this blog, i have decided to share with you all the grow taller after puberty secrets and tips i used to successfully increase my height long after my puberty years.

Almost all the information here is free so you’ve got nothing to lose with these grow taller after puberty exercises besides getting your body in shape and healthier while increasing your height after 20 years at the same time.

Science suggests you bones can’t grow longer after your growth plates are closed. This is very true but bones will not grow because there is no reason for them to grow. Give them a reason in form of environmental stress and they will obey the orders.

First, we stop growing taller naturally because we are genetically programmed to do so.

It is our genes, made of DNA, that determine how taller we grow and develop up to the end of puberty stage.

At this point, our genetic program tells us to stop linear growth, and that will be the end of our height increase.

But  we all know that height is determined by both natural factors and our environment.

So genes alone are not responsible for slow or stunted growth.

The other major  natural and environmental factors include; growth hormone deficiency and poor nutrition.

An individual may be short despite having tall parents because of a single mutation in one gene that instructs the production of a growth hormone.

So, if you are vertically challenged, start by looking at heights of your close relatives in relation to your height.

For instance, my parents are 5’4″ and 5’7″ but all my cousins including uncle on father’s side are 5’11” and over.

So chances are i had tall genes but growth hormone deficiency which is the reason i prematurely stopped growing taller.

Why do i suggest this? When i chaotically exercised to increase growth hormones release in the body, i started growing taller rapidly and in three years i grew by over 6 inches.

I bring up all this because i am trying to investigate my late growth spurt which also happens to a few individuals who happen to grow or increase their height after 20 years.

Here’s the list;

Kevin Costner  ( 5’4″ to 6’1″ between 18 and 20 yrs)

Dennis Rodman  ( 5’9″ on graduation day but ended up at 6’7″That’s about 10 inches after 21 years)growth spurt

Lebron James  (6’3″ to 6’7″ in his twenties).

Anthony Davis (6’2″ at 15 to 6’11” by 24).

CJ Mc collum (5’2″ at high school to 6’4″)

Russell West brook ( Not special but it’s alleged that he grew from 5’10” at 16 to 6’3″ in 2 months)

Jeremy Lin ( 5’3″ at high school to 63″ 12 inches gain)

Lamar Odom (6’2″ at high scool to 6’10” in one yr)

Manu Ginobili (5’8″  to 6’6″)

Gordon hayward (5’11” at high sch. to 6’8″)

The list goes on and on.

Other examples of individuals who grew throughout life though because of over stimulation of G.h caused by acromegaly  include Adam Rainer who grew from just over 4 ft from 18 years to 7 ft 2″ by 32 years [ 1 ] and

Väinö Myllyrinne [ 2 ].

Acromegaly patients normally experience growth in fingers, feet and skulls but for Adam and Väinö, the  entire body grew until late in their adult lives.

Growth plates fusion didn’t count but growth hormones were in charge.

Well, another explanation could be catch up growth which is an accelerated growth of an organism following a period of slowed growth, particularly as a result of nutrient deprivation, illness and growth hormone deficiency.

It is possible for high compensatory growth rates to result in overcompensation, where the organism exceeds normal growth once the deficiency is taken care of.

Many grow taller programs suggest you can increase height after puberty or after 20 years with stretching alone but from what i experienced, this height increase isn’t permanent.

After a couple of weeks to a month, muscles shrink and height gained is lost.

The extremely permanent height is in legs particularly shin bones no matter what happens.

I tried to lengthen my shin bones to increase my height by pedaling with a raised saddle on an outdoor bike but i never grew that much in legs after almost a year.

When i increased growth hormones release with chaotic exercising, my shin bones started growing consistently and more rapidly.

Even my hands, feet, fingers and skull grew and the entire body blossomed.

I then realized that even my torso height started being relatively stable and increasing as my shin bones grew.

This implied one thing to me;

That the back bones were also growing, so the secret isn’t in stretching alone but in growth hormones.

I’m not here to give unrealistic promises but to share with you my personal successful experiences regarding height increase after puberty.

So, i will not promise you quick results simply because i didn’t get quick results..

Neither will i recommend any supplements.

I summarized the exercises i used in detail as well as their day to day execution  in a PDF ebook which is very affordable so anyone can get a copy.  Included in the PDF are torso lengthening techniques ,  leg lengthening techniques,  Mistakes to avoid, the most critical nutrients to take if you want to grow after puberty , other things you have to do besides the stretches and how to effectively increase G.h in the body .

You will find a few testimonials from those who benefited from the information on  this blog and the PDF on the FAQ Page as well as supplementary information about height increase and regarding challenges you may encounter.

Click here To Download the PDF with the Exercise and Diet Routines

If you need the epub version, it’s available at Kobo books store and Smash words.

This blog will offer comprehensive elucidation of topics regarding height increase after puberty. The book covers the summary of the execution of the exercises .

Therefore, you will correspondingly  need information from  this blog and the ebook .

Many have asked the age at which i started and the time it took me to grow over 6 inches. I started at 26 yrs and it took me over 3 yrs though the first year was just part of a learning curve.

However, from the emails i receive your average person notices progress within 1 – 3 months from the time they start exercising.

If you have any questions, suggestions or face any challenges, don’t hesitate to reach out  Here >>  I may have left out some important information or if you face any challenges.

Lets get to the meaty parts of the information you are here for below;



If you’re still in puberty stage or you aren’t sure, visit the page on increasing height during puberty discussed below.

please peruse the Disclaimer page before embarking on any of these exercises.

grow taller after puberty


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A  Few  Facts   About  Our  Heights

Leg or Limb Lengthening Exercises

Leg  Lengthening With  Cycling

Height  Increase  During  Puberty

15 Steps To Take For a Chance to

Grow Taller After Puberty Exercise routine

How i Grew By over 6 inches

Height Increase in Torso

How Exercising Increases Growth

Hormones in Body

How to Increase Growth Hormone

Release in Body

Role of Human Growth Hormone In

Bone Growth


Weight Lifting / Chaotic Training

Role of Sleep in Growth of Bones


How Shin Bones Grow

How to Grow Taller After Puberty Workout Routine For Beginners.- Naturally become taller


Conditioning your body to grow after your puberty years is as hard as any one’s guess. At this stage in life, the body is done with vertical growth and it’s beginning to grow wider.

That is why you need to have a particular exercise routine to follow once you realize what exactly works for your body, when and how.

The easier exercise to begin with is stretching the back bone or your torso. Grow taller after Puberty exercise  >>>


Leg or Limb Lengthening/ Stretching Exercises.

Among humans, developmental adjustments result from both natural environmental pressures and cultural practices.

An example of the latter was the now illegal custom in China of tightly wrapping or binding the feet of young girls with cloth in order to hinder normal growth.

Among the leg lengthening/ stretching exercises are;Kicking, Swimming, Skipping/ jumping rope, using and Inversion table, using ankle weights, Cycling and sprinting and or jogging. Grow taller Legs Exercises  >>>


Leg Lengthening With Cycling

Our bodies have the ability to adapt to the environment, and such Adaptations contribute to the fitness and survival of individual species.

Organisms face a succession of environmental challenges as they grow and develop, and are equipped with an adaptive plasticity as the traits develop in response to the imposed conditions. Leg lengthening with cycling >>


A Few Facts About Our Heights.

  • It is very possible to modify our bodies and increase our heights naturally a couple of inches taller even in our 20’s and even after 30 since we all know that height is determined by both genetic and environmental factors.

So growing taller after puberty is possible you can still grow after 20 years or 25 years if you manipulate the environmental factors.

  • To Increase height is a prime concern in many of our minds today.
  • A reasonable height makes one look great, confident and have greater self-esteem.
  • Girls normally stop growing taller two to three years after they get their first period, and while some boys reach their adult height in high school, others continue growing taller into their early twenties.
  • People with shorter-than-average legs are viewed as being less attractive than people with slightly longer legs, a study in Evolution and Human Behavior found.
  • Height plays a key role in how happy our lives are and to some extent successful we are. Taller people get more promotions and make more money than their shorter counterparts in the same line of work.
  • Several epidemiological studies have shown that taller individuals are slightly but significantly more intelligent than their shorter counterparts and IQ increases with every inch added to one’s height

Growing taller During Puberty and Facts about body Growth During Puberty

Many do not understand the meaning of puberty.

In fact i receive many questions from teenagers,some whining they are 14 yrs and they stopped growing over a year ago after trying a few exercises so they wonder what to do next.

Menstruation or period which occurs between 12 and 13 yrs is the major sign of puberty and normally comes last. How to grow taller during puberty >>>

Is it Possible to Grow Taller After Puberty? -What you need to Grow taller

15 Steps and Initiatives to take for a chance to Grow taller after Puberty

1. Increase growth hormone release in the body to grow taller naturally.

2. Have enough sleep and keep your body stress free.

3. You Must hydrate as often.

4. Watch your posture

5. Do not measure your height often.

6. Reduce body weight if you’re fat.

You can read more about the actions.  Initiatives to grow After puberty >>>




How i Grew By Over 6 inches After my Puberty years.



Shin bones 2- 4 inches

For the shin bones, the exercises are explained under leg lengthening exercises. (Though the different routines weren’t covered on the page).

So, you can choose a combination that may work for you just like i used cycling, sprinting and walking and i saw results without a lot of stressing the body which made it possible for me to grow longer to grow taller

Because the bones take time to grow, you may add about 2-4 inches depending on the time invested. I have grown about 3.5 inches in shin bones alone but in 3 years. You may even grow more and in a less time.

All you need to know is unlike cartilage which takes a very short time to grow, shin bones take forever but they indeed grow with persistence. If you use cycling exercise, you will be encouraged to carry on once you notice the initial increase in height.


Thoracic Area ( Chest and Neck) Half an inch – 1 inch.

For the thoracic area, the chest can be stretched and together with neck stretching exercises to increase height, you may add at least a centimeter in height. (The chest exercises not included here. Find them in PDF)

However, if enough growth hormones are released in body, even the bones in the back and thighs may slightly grow.

Even your genitals will grow…Growth hormones are very powerful when it comes to body growth.


Abdominal 3 inches

For the abdominal area, the back bone can be lengthened by about 3-5 inches through stretching the cartilage between the bones .

The lengthening is done through stretching exercises to grow taller described on this page. Assuming the worst results, you can grow at least 3 inches.


Torso Lengthening and Gaining Height in the torso area

Can you grow taller by stretching?

Torso lengthening especially among adolescents is one of the best ways to grow taller naturally fast.

Its one of the easiest and most performed grow taller exercises that i know of.

The spine is full of cartilage between vertebrae which can be lengthened with consistent stretching.

The ability to lengthen the cartilage of the back and even neck, can add up to 3 to 4 inches.

Combine that with torso timbre (and some bone lengthening if still possible for you) and you could easily expect to see a height gain of about 3 to 5 inches.
To lengthen cartilage, lengthen bone and tone the torso, you will need to increase HGH production.

You will read about that later in the post.

But providing the raw material in form of nutrition for your body to create new platelets of activity is not enough.

To gain inches of height in the torso, a combination of factors have to come into play and this can be done in three main ways;

The way to get permanent height increase in the torso is through muscular manipulation, Specifically through toning.

This is the simplest of the methods and can typically add 1 to 2 inches along with Sterno development (neck muscles).

By developing certain muscles in both the torso and the neck, you are simply refining what you have already gained through stretching.


What is Human Growth Hormone ?

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone that regulates growth and cell reproduction in animals and humans.

A peptide hormone is a special type of hormone that communicates on a cellular level with the “template” of the DNA contained in any particular cell and recreates those cells for production of mass. Read on >>>


How To Increase Growth Hormone Release In the body

Increasing growth hormones in the body is the first step you have to take to get taller after puberty.

Although the amount of growth hormones your body regularly produces is entirely up to your brain, there are a few things you can do to trick the pituitary gland into being a bit more generous.

One of the most efficient ways to increase growth hormones is to work out your muscles beyond lactate thresh hold so that the body responds by releasing human growth hormones to repair the muscles.

That’s a wide topic to discuss here but you can read more about it under chaotic training for height increase or how exercising stimulates the release of growth hormones later.

Such workout may include sprinting, weight lifting, cycling and all the compound exercises that may strain the muscles when done within 10 minutes. More on how to increase growth hormones after puberty here>>



How Exercising Increases growth Hormones in Body

Intense anaerobic workout raises Exercise Triggered growth Hormone reaction as well. So this would include weight lifting as well as body weight workouts if they were extreme enough.

You have to get above the lactate threshold to maximize H.G.H release with exercise. Ideally, for at least 10 minutes.

Studies also show that a 30 second sprint raises H.G.H levels by up to 530% over the resting baseline. More about thishere>>>>


Role of Human Growth Hormones in Bone Growth

This is one hormone needed is you wonder how to grow taller since its the most important of the hormones for growth.
Maintaining the body’s chemical balance and cell rejuvenation are two main reasons the human body generates growth hormones.

As earlier explained, Growth hormones instruct your skeletal bones to grow larger and stronger while it speeds the conversion of excess fats into energy that’s why growth hormones can make you grow taller even after puberty.

In other words, if the growth hormone production increases, your body receives signals to increase height.

The point of producing more growth hormone is to instigate growth of the body in the muscles, bones and cartilage.

But if the H.G.H is consumed alone, in the form of a shot or a tablet, the body is not engaged in the process and the result is merely some fat loss and muscle gain.



I highly recommend to begin with sprinting as a simulator for the production of H.G.H before doing chaos training or weight lifting.

Growth hormones will be released in less amounts but it will slowly by slowly condition the body to increase the production of Human growth hormones and chaos training will just step up the gear.

Sprinting also increases bone mass since leg bones carry all the body weight so the bones will have to grow stronger and thicker to accommodate body weight thus when done routinely, its one of the most effective shin bone lengthening techniques that will make you get taller.

It is also believed that sprinting creates micro fractures in the legs which if stretched through cycling may have an impact.


Weightlifting/ chaotic training

This is very effective when it comes to shocking your body forcing it to release growth hormones naturally.

After puberty, the pituitary gland does not stop producing growth hormone, it merely winds it back to minimal levels.

To initiate the release of more growth hormones for vertical growth, your muscles must be worked out exhaustively.

This thorough muscle workout is what will make the body release G.H to recover the muscles and it will also be used to develop and grow your body and bones.

you have to try the weights and or work outs to see what wears you out, to know the correct work out for any particular level of your progress.  More on this Here >>>



Role of sleep in Growth of bones

Sleep makes you taller in many ways.

Release of human growth hormone (HGH) has been shown to occur during normal undisturbed sleep.

A study with blood sampling at 30-s intervals has shown that maximal Growth Hormone release occurs within minutes of the onset of Slow Wave sleep (often referred to as deep sleep).

Read details>>>



You can grow taller by dietary changes .This has been the case in Japan since the end of World War II.

The Japanese Education Ministry reported that children have been significantly taller in each generation since then.

In 1986 for instance, 14-15 year old Japanese boys averaged 7 inches taller than did same aged boys in 1959.

A key changing factor in Japanese lifestyle has been diet.It is likely that this was mostly responsible for the increased body size. Go Here to readmore>>>

How Shin Bones Grow

bone lengthening


Go Here For Details >>>

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